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Natural Ways to Relieve Digestive Distress

Digestive problems are very common. Millions of people deal with the debilitating effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and it has become normal to suffer with abdominal bloating, painful indigestion, food intolerances and constipation or diarrhea every day.

digestive distress

There are many underlying causes of digestive problems. Emotional stress can play a big part, as can systemic health problems such as thyroid disorders. Luckily, there are many natural remedies to treat the symptoms of digestive distress (for more info visit Rosewellness).

Go Gluten Free

Gluten is the name for a bunch of proteins found in various grains, including wheat, barley, rye and spelt. If you have Celiac Disease, you will already know your body cannot tolerate gluten, but a high percentage of people are intolerant to gluten without having Celiac Disease.

Gluten intolerance causes bloating, abdominal upset, constipation and diarrhea, usually within a few hours of eating bread or anything else with gluten in it. If digestive problems are ruining your life, try going gluten free for a minimum of six months. If your symptoms ease, you have an intolerance. Beware, however, that gluten is in a huge number of foods, so read labels very carefully – even a tiny amount will put you back to square one.

Take Pro-Biotics

Antibiotics have been a game changer for humankind, but the downside of using antibiotics to treat bacterial infections is that they wipe out all bacteria, including the good stuff.

If you have taken more than a few courses of antibiotics over the years, there is a high possibility you have a bacterial imbalance in your gut. Too many bad bacteria can cause digestive problems. To correct this, take a dose of good bacteria every day: add kefir or probiotic yoghurts to your diet, or buy some probiotic supplements.

Ginger Rocks

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and a great cure for nausea and digestive upset. Ginger has been used to treat sickness and stomach upsets for hundreds of years, and there is no shortage of ways to take it. Steep fresh ginger root in a cup of hot water, or pop some ginger supplements.

Drink Soothing Herbal Tea

Peppermint tea is very soothing if your tummy feels a bit tender. Even chewing on mint leaves may help. Other herbal infusions and teas worth trying include chamomile, lemon balm and fennel.

Boost Stomach Acid with ACV

Many gastric problems are caused by too much or too little stomach acid. Most people are aware of the problems caused by excessive stomach acid, but don’t overlook the fact your issue could be too little acid. To correct this, take a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning. It’s great for digestion. If you can’t stand the taste, mix it with a bit of honey and water, and sip slowly.

Doctors do not always look for the underlying cause if you present with typical symptoms of IBS, so always push for answers and ask for further testing if your symptoms do not go away following lifestyle changes or natural remedies.

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