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Sleeping beauties

Filed under Photography


Forever, and for always.

August 1st, 2017 ♥ 11:38pm

In the spirit of trying to be more positive, and reviving my blog and passion for blogging (I seriously logged into my blog tonight and promptly forgot how to do half of the typical WordPress-backend stuff that seasoned bloggers click through without missing a beat), here’s me dropping in to say hello. August is my […]


Ryan’s 11th birthday is tomorrow – can you help us give him the one gift he really wants? #homeless

July 25th, 2017 ♥ 4:59pm

Ryan’s 11th birthday is tomorrow, and because of gas ($34), cell phone bill ($23), and food ($50), I’m $95 short for the NES he has so desperately wanted since winter. I’m offering sponsored blog posts for $10, sponsored social media posts for $5, and monthly banner ads for $15 – please send $ and your […]


We’re still #HOMELESS, and Ryan’s 11th birthday is in four days – can you please help?

July 23rd, 2017 ♥ 12:21am

Ryan’s 11th birthday is in four days. Bad enough that he is homeless; I don’t want him to miss out on a birthday, too. Please, I’m embarrassingly and shamefully begging: will you donate to Daniel and I so we can give Ryan the birthday he wants? All he wants is a chocolate cake with butter […]


A dirty dilemma

July 6th, 2017 ♥ 3:12am

Right now we’re facing one big homelessness-related hurdle we’re struggling to overcome – about seven garbage bags worth of dirty laundry we were unable to do at our house simply because with the abrupt loss of bankruptcy protection and foreclosure of our home, we had no time to wash and dry clothing. As it was, […]