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Things I did today

Oh, and I also sported snazzy purple eyes:

Dream Eyes Violet Sparkle Contact Lenses Dream Eyes Violet Sparkle Contact Lenses

And now I’m off to write a few more articles, and then go to bed and hopefully get a good night’s sleep!

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Fueled by vitamins, protein, and naps

July 22nd, 2014 ♥ 1:27pm

I started off strong this morning, but by 7:00 I was definitely slowing down, and by 7:30 I said, “eff it”, closed my laptop, and crawled back into bed, and fell asleep relatively quickly. Yay! I can totally make it through an entire day of work, kids, and errands on 4 hours of broken sleep […]



July 22nd, 2014 ♥ 5:24am

I have been awake since 2:57am. Mind you, I went to bed around 10:00pm, and with a dose of Tylenol PM in my system at that. But I had trouble falling asleep: pressure headache; Alyssa was in bed next to me, watching Pokemon; and my mind was too busy thinking about the rest of the […]


Life with six cats

July 20th, 2014 ♥ 5:49pm

Alyssa just came to me and asked if she can use one of our cat carriers to try and catch a presumed stray cat she spotted. I sighed inwardly, but I said yes, because it’s what we do: we rescue cats. We can’t save them all, but we can at least save the ones we […]


The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014

July 18th, 2014 ♥ 8:56pm

Nail Polish Canada is teaming up with bloggers to offer an incredibly sweet prize to one lucky winner: up to 200 nail polishes! The color I chose to give away in this amazing collaborative event is Butter London’s Titchy. It’s gorgeous, right?! Check out the Rafflecopter below and enter to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway