A nap, dinner in bed, and a slight case of the end of the world

So I took a nap. I woke up to Ryan bringing me a plate of dinner (hand-cut, breaded, and pan-fried chicken strips, crunchy chicken-flavored stuffing, and mac & cheese – no veggies because we’re out until we go grocery shopping (tomorrow), and the second starch was primarily for the kids. Also? If you’re ever at my house, beg Dan to make you his chicken strips, because they are AMAZING.). I ate, then cleaned up the kitchen while Dan and Ryan worked on the bike shed that Dan is building for the kids’ bikes. Then the sky suddenly darkened, the wind picked up, and some truly ominous clouds came rolling in…


But despite their scary appearance, the brief period of rain/hail was over in under five minutes, and now we’re back to a typical April evening sunset.

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April 22nd, 2014 ♥ 2:59pm

Ever have a day that goes by in a total blur? Today is one of those days. I’ve been up since 8:30, I’ve put in several hours worth of work, and I putzed about the house a bit. Yet I can’t tell you exactly what I did, or how I seemingly just blinked and six […]


It’s a good thing I like to write

April 21st, 2014 ♥ 7:43pm

My Easter Sunday was spent writing – about 10,000 words altogether. Today I produced close to 11,000. But hey, if 21,000 words is what it takes to generate a mortgage payment with a little left over for groceries and maybe a full tank of gas, I’m all for it. But I need to learn to […]


A most underwhelming and uninteresting Easter

April 20th, 2014 ♥ 9:03pm

Happy Easter, or Zombie Jesus Day, or Discount Candy Eve Day – pick your delicious, chocolate-flavored poison. Alyssa and Ryan were up and enjoying their Easter baskets by 7am, we had an Easter egg hunt outside later in the morning, and that’s really all there was to our Easter. Dan doesn’t like cured ham (blasphemy!), […]



April 19th, 2014 ♥ 10:05pm

These keep me going: Zoloft Ativan Sheer fucking determination

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