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5 Tricks To A Stress Free Family Home

Ever have that overwhelming feeling of stress when everything just gets on top of you? Me too. I think we all do from time to time with hectic life schedules and kids running all over the house! A tidy home really does equal a tidy mind. So, today I’ve set my sights on creating a less stressful environment at home. I’ll share a few secrets with you and help keep your house stress free!

When you’ve got little ones, it can be really hard to find the space and time to relax in the house. Clutter builds up and the to-do list gets longer and longer. Here’s how I find a little bit of zen and keep the home as stress free as possible.

Day 131/365 - Bubblebath Therapy
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  1. Keep it tidy – This is much easier said than done! But, it really does help to try and keep a tidy home. One trick I use all the time is to tidy every room before I leave it. After dinner, I always make sure the washing up is done and everything is put away. Before bed, I’ll reset the living room, clear away toys and books and give it a quick tidy. Doing little bits every day has stopped it building up and becoming a much bigger problem.
  2. Purge the clutter – When it comes to a stress free home, you need to be strict with clutter. You’ve got to cut those emotional connections to the items you’re never going to use again! Deep down, we all love to hoard old items from our past. But, all they do is gather dust and take up room. Try to make regular trips to charity shops or car boot sales. At least that way it all goes to a good home.
  3. Fix broken things quickly – Things are always breaking in our house. If we didn’t act quickly, it would all build up and the stress would get the better of us! It’s really quick and easy to sort out any minor plumbing or pest problems. There are 24 hour services on call for these kinds of things. Just bite the bullet and get them fixed quickly. They’ll only get worse and cost more later on!
  4. Find a place to relax – When you’ve got a family causing mischief and kids running around, you need space to relax. It’s really important to find that ‘you time’ and get some peace and quiet. Whether it’s a warm bath or a quiet place to read, make sure your home has one. Anywhere that you can spend half an hour to yourself without interruption.
  5. The landing strip – I came across this trick online and it is fantastic. It helps stop bags, jackets, keys and all sorts getting dumped around the house. At the front door, set up a ‘landing strip’. It should have a place for your shoes, coats and bags. There should be a bowl for keys and change. Make sure everything is dumped here when you come in the door. Don’t let this clutter make its way further into the house!

Follow these little tricks and you’ll have a stress free home in no time!

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