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4 Benefits of Slate Flooring in the Kitchen

Slate flooring can give any kitchen a lavish appearance while providing the longevity you need. Able to sustain several decades worth of wear and tear, it’s a surface material that can completely change the way you look at your kitchen. Experienced flooring contractors may be able to give you a sophisticated appearance at an affordable rate – especially when you consider how long the slate can survive the years of continuous use.

Slate can have a natural cleft finish which gives it a slightly rough surface. The surface of the stone is such that it promotes traction without it seeming too porous or rough on bare feet. This can be ideal in areas such as the kitchen when slips can cause injuries.

Easy to Seal
Using a penetrating seal on slate gives it a wet or glossy look without a waxy buildup. This can give the surface a long-lasting shine reducing the time you spend waxing your kitchen floor. It’s a clean look that many spend a great deal of time trying to achieve on other surfaces.

Variety of Colors
Slate can come in a broad range of styles and colors. When you need to match counter tops, cabinets or appliances, the different kinds of slate allow for an extended pallet helping you find just the right shade. These natural hues will retain their colors for years to come without fading from UV rays peering through the kitchen window.

Many attest to how slate has a soft and smooth feel under foot providing a great deal of comfort. Unlike walking on cement or other stone materials, slate doesn’t have that same unyielding feel. While some people may put rugs in their kitchens to stand on, you may find slate comfortable enough to wash dishes without feeling strain on your arches.

The natural composition of slate makes it resistant to stains, which provides an ideal surface for areas such as the kitchen. Easy to clean, the material could retain its “new” look for years to come making it an attractive addition to the home. For those looking for a natural appearance, slate is one of the most efficient surfaces you can find.

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