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Save 25% on your purchase at, and help us help Felix!

A shameless request: if you purchase protein products (powder, granola, fruit bars, etc.), PLEASE consider purchasing from with my custom coupon code, INJENNSBAG. You will save 25% with this coupon code, and I’ll earn a commission from your purchase. Or, if you know someone who purchases protein products, share this with them! There is no expiration date or any conditions attached to the coupon code – it will work for any purchase.


Why I’m requesting: We’re facing a pretty big vet bill for Felix. As if having FIV isn’t enough, today he required emergency surgical treatment for a complete urinary blockage – without the surgery he would die a painful death from sepsis. The final bill is to be determined by Felix’s recovery (and if the vet has to go back to do a more “invasive” surgery that would involve widening Felix’s urethra), but the estimate is anywhere from $900 to $1,400.

Thank you so much from Dan and I – and Felix, too! ♥

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A morning in the ER, an afternoon in the vet’s office

September 29th, 2014 ♥ 6:02pm

I went to bed early last night, figuring it’d be awesome to be nicely rested for a busy working Monday. Instead, I was nicely rested to take Alyssa to Urgent Care, who then bounced us to the ER since her chief complaint was ongoing abdominal pain (over twelve hours at this point) ranging from a […]


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So this happened today: Earlier today I was in the process of removing nail polish from my nails when I happened to glance down and noticed that MY ENGAGEMENT RING WAS MISSING ITS MAIN DIAMOND. AHHH! I freaked out, spent five minutes combing through our bedroom and found nothing, then happened to walk through the […]


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(Name that song/please accept my apologies for the ear worm!) On this day last year I was two weeks post-op from my hysterectomy and appendectomy, but that didn’t stop me from hauling my bloated, sore self out of bed and driving Alyssa and Ryan to one of the local schools for a race – a […]


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September 26th, 2014 ♥ 9:59pm