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Rallying the troops

We have lived in our current home for eight and a half years. That’s eight Halloweens, and on every single one of them we’ve had to drive to any of the nearby neighborhoods in order to Trick-or-Treat. Why? I have no idea, other than the fact that when we first moved in, there weren’t many families with children in the neighborhood. But over the years that has slowly changed, and with the addition of several new families in the past year, we now have more kids than ever – between my house and just the immediate three to my left, there is a total of nine kids, and all except one are in elementary school (and thus of prime Trick-or-Treat age).

So this year, in an attempt to not be the mom whose kids infiltrate other neighborhoods, I’m doing my best to rally everyone together for 100% Trick-or-Treat participation. Flyers will being taped to front doors and sign poles today. Wish me luck!

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