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Must Have Accessories for All Men

When it comes to style, I’ve noticed some men can be a little lacking. I mean, do they even know how to accessorise? Wearing nice clothes is one thing, but accessorising and styling yourself well is a totally different ball game. The most expensive outfit can look boring if you don’t accessorise it properly. With that in mind, here are some must have accessories for all men:

A Leather Wallet
A leather wallet is a must have for men. Fake leather wallets don’t last very long at all; they begin to look cheap and fall apart quite quickly. Why keep all of your important cards, documents and money in a cheap wallet? Invest in a leather wallet and you’ll have better peace of mind! You really shouldn’t risk anything happening to your important cards and money.

If you don’t have sunglasses, not only are you missing out on a valuable trend, you’re probably damaging your eyes. Sunglasses actually have a purpose outside of fashion; they help to protect our delicate eyes from the sun’s rays and the skin around them. Just make sure you pick a pair to suit your individual face shape.

Patterned Socks
What difference do patterned socks make? They make all the difference! Little details like this can make or break an outfit. Get creative with your socks and it’ll add interest to your outfits. Even though people may just get a quick flash of them every now and again, they can change your look.

A Quality Belt
A quality belt is essential; I mean, nobody wants a builder’s bum do they? Invest in a good belt to help you keep your trousers up and you’ll use it all the time. You can even add texture and pattern with your belt if you like.

A Watch
A watch helps to finish off an outfit. Not only is it a great fashion accessory, it also helps us to tell the time, making it a very useful accessory. The kind of watch you purchase will depend largely on your personal style and preferences. You can buy all kinds of men’s watches these days; even wooden ones! Make sure you set a budget, as with accessories like watches, it’s really easy to over-spend. It won’t be long before you can take pictures with watches!

A Designer Tie
There will no doubt be a time in your life when you need to wear a tie. A designer tie will look better than a cheap old thing, and it’ll last for ages. This is an accessory you’ll enjoy using over and over again. I’d have a couple of them in your wardrobe, just in case. Tip: women love men with patterned ties! Novelty ties can work at Christmas parties too


If you’re a style conscious male, make sure you have these must haves. If you don’t, you can’t expect to be able to accessorise properly! There are plenty more accessories you can have too; man-bags, briefcases, and even hats! If you can think of any more must haves, then leave a comment below. See you next time!

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