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242 miles

Yesterday I drove a total of 242 miles and 5.6 hours (according to Google Maps). I had to make two trips up and back for my youngest brother, Cat (he was at a mental health facility for a week and was ready for discharge yesterday; I had go to yesterday morning for the treatment plan/discharge meeting, then back yesterday evening when his post-discharge appointments had been scheduled and thus he was okay for release). I had to take Puff home. I had to take Dan to a gastro appointment (in addition to Fibromyalgia, he also has Eosinophilic Oesophagitis). We had to stop at Target for meds. And, after I picked up Cat last night, we had to stop at the pharmacy for some medications, and then my mom’s apartment so Cat could get some things. Then, finally, I got to come home and stay home – it was almost 9pm when I walked in the door. Fortunately Dan, Jason, Sex Tape and wine were all waiting for me!

My mom had her foot surgery on Thursday, and luckily for all of us it went very well. So far no amputation, but she did lose her big toe’s nail bed from what is being called a “crush injury”. She is still in the hospital because she is a diabetic and they’re worried about pre-op/post-op infection – Monday is the earliest that she’ll be discharged. Until she is discharged, Cat will be staying with us, and Puff will be at their apartment in order to take care of the cats and my mom’s fish.

Right now Alyssa is at a classmate’s Halloween party. She’s a dragon this year – wings courtesy of Target, spikes and tail courtesy of Dan (the man has mad sewing skills, even with mangled fingers and a torn up shoulder!), makeup courtesy of me. Cat, Ryan, and I will be picking her up at 6, then heading to Dan’s aunt’s house for their Halloween bonfire.

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Social skills are the cure for depression!

October 24th, 2014 ♥ 9:16am

Believe it or not, depression is a very serious issue in the times we are living today. It’s happening to more and more people, from teenagers and their huge life or death problems, to the midlife adults that don’t find happiness in what they do. There are so many ways that anyone can choose when […]


SurgerIES (yes, plural)

October 22nd, 2014 ♥ 2:53pm

Dan saw the orthopedic specialist this morning. His MRI revealed a torn/separated labrum muscle, and frayed/cracked/damaged cartilage. The treatment: arthroscopic surgery (date to be determined when we meet with the other orthopedic specialist, the one whose specialty is shoulder repair, next Thursday). And my mom just called: despite having her toe tended to in the ER last […]


Humpty Dumpties

October 22nd, 2014 ♥ 9:26am

Last Thursday my mom and my youngest brother, Cat, were both in the ER at the same time – my mom because she managed to catch her right big toe on her metal bed frame, resulting in tearing off the nail, lacerating both sides of the toe pretty deeply and breaking the bone vertically; and Cat […]


Alyssa’s 10th birthday party (weekend)!

October 21st, 2014 ♥ 12:41pm

Friday-Sunday went by in a blur of people, food, and of course sprogs. It’s now a little after 10 on Monday morning, and despite a solid seven hours of sleep last night, I’m very tired and already trying to figuring out what the earliest time is that I could get away with going to bed […]