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Chicken made me cry

It has been a very busy week month summer year. Back in June, my mom had surgery on her right foot to remove a portion of infected tissue and bone (my mom has diabetes, and the diabetic foot ulcer this whole mess started from first appeared several YEARS ago). Since then the healing process has been extremely slow, she has been in cumbersome casts and instructed to stay off her feet at all times, and even with all sorts of antibiotics and a wound-vac and in-home visits from nurses the process is still taking its sweet time – and on top of that there is now a new wound on the top of the same foot, due to a nurse putting on a new cast (they’re changed weekly) improperly.

Anyway, for the entirety of the summer Dan and I have been taking my mom and brothers back and forth to their various appointments and errands. My mom lives 25 miles away, which means that even during the least busiest times of the day (when the tourists haven’t yet arrived to creep along the roads at 10 to 15 miles under the speed limit in order to gawk at Amish buggies, or have gone back to their motels for the night) it’s a 1-hour round-trip drive. Even though we’re keeping her car here with us (since it doesn’t make sense to be driving our cars back and forth to then switch to hers and drive her around in), it has been a lot of driving, and a lot of time spent behind the wheel or in waiting rooms.

When Alyssa and Ryan headed back to school on August 25th, I breathed a sigh of relief. 40 kid-free hours each week meant 40 additional hours to be able to work without interruptions and distractions. Yay!

Except that last week the top wound on my mother’s foot was discovered and she was ordered to bed rest until an appointment this week, so Dan brought her and my brothers here to spend the weekend with us. AND if seven people in the house along with six cats and a dog (not to mention the hamster, tortoise, snake, and fish) weren’t enough, after two weeks of increasing pain and decreasing mobility, Dan caved and let me take him to the ER last Friday evening. Diagnosis: rotator cuff injury, the severity of to be determined through non-surgical treatment. Dan doesn’t play softball or tennis or paint or do any other repetitive activities that would lead to muscle degeneration, and x-rays ruled out any bone issues that could damage the rotator cuff, so the theory is that the Fibromyalgia caused this – his muscles are almost always tight and swollen and a source of pain, so they’re more susceptible to injury. How did he injure his shoulder? We think it was from carrying groceries up two flights of steps. Yes, groceries. Granted, they were heavy and he made several trips (this was for my mom, who lives in an apartment building with an elevator that was out of service that week), but the strain that would you or I a sore shoulder and that’s about it wound up damaging his rotator cuff. Blah. So he’s been in a shoulder immobilizer sling since last Friday, applying hot and cold packs, resting his shoulder and arm, and taking Ibuprofen and pain medication as needed. Yesterday our family doctor gave him a huge steroid injection directly in the shoulder joint, so we’ll see how that works out for him in the coming days…

And that leads me to yesterday. After 6 hours in the ER on Friday, six other people to take care of and clean up after for four and a half days, a lot of driving, and on top of it all Alyssa being home sick with strep-that’s-not-strep (she has all the signs and symptoms but the rapid test came back negative, resulting in the doctor giving a lecture about keeping a child home from school because of mere allergies – ummm, the last time I checked strawberry tongue + sore throat + cough + stomach pain + fever does not equal allergies!) and Ryan losing his shit off and on all weekend because of all of the chaos and noise and losing his homework folder (the teacher found it in the classroom yesterday morning, when I was about to figure out how to hook both Ryan and myself up to an Ativan IV) AND Felix having a UTI… I finally got caught up on stuff at home and spent about an hour prepping chicken breasts for breading and baking…only to have Dan, Alyssa, and Ryan inform me that it pretty much sucked. I saved the day by giving the rejected pieces to Leah (the dog) and then using our electric skillet to fry up the rest…but still…some tears may or may not have been shed.

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