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One year of breastfeeding

breastfeeding: twelve months milestone

Today makes one year of breastfeeding Ryan. I am very, very proud to have accomplished this. It feels so good knowing that I have provided the best nutrition available for my son, just as I did for Alyssa (though I only made it to ten months with her).

Ryan is still nursing three to five times per day. He handled a bit of cow’s milk given to him two days ago okay, and he enjoys juice, but he still enjoys breastfeeding, and almost prefers that over sippy cups.

Now the big question: will I wean? Dan used to have it in his head that I would cut Ryan off the very minute he turned a year old (that was at 9:00am on July 26th; I was nursing him as usual at 10:30am on July 26th!). Now he realizes that cold turkey isn’t good for Ryan (trauma, upset) or me (engorgement, risk of infection from engorgement, etc.), so he’s cutting me some slack.
I don’t want to be nursing a two year old, but at the same time I realize that proper weaning is a gradual process. As it is, you could say that the weaning process has already started, since Ryan is no longer nursing six, eight, ten, or even twelve times a day. The moment we first introduced solids, the weaning began, since Ryan was then getting some nutrition and a full belly from a source besides me. And now with sippy cups with juice, and hopefully cow’s milk soon… that too contributes to weaning.

So, we’ll see. For now, I am still breastfeeding. I plan on wearing my “that’s my baby’s lunch you’re staring at” shirt again, and I still wear layered tops when I go out so I can breastfeed Ryan discreetly.

And… I think I’ll end this entry with my favorite photos from Ryan’s birthday party. :heart:




Ryan: twelve months


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  1. leslie


    Hey this is gonna be a super weird question..lmfao..oh lord..youve probably been asked before..

    Have you ever given any of your breastmilk to Daniel? Or like..has he ever been sucking your boobs and it came out? Id imagine that would happen.

  2. ^ It’s not that weird of a question, lol.

    Daniel has mentioned to me that there have been a few instances where he would be playing with my breasts and would get a few drops or so of milk, but it didn’t bother him – he would just ignore it and keep going.

    And last winter, during one of the days it snowed and neither of us were risking going out, he had tea and needed milk… we were almost out of milk, so he asked me to put some of my own milk in the tea, but to do it in another room so he wouldn’t actually see me do it.

  3. leslie


    oh cool lmao i cant stop laughing about this for some reason.

  4. Han


    I already said this on flickr but that t-shirt is briliant, I’m gonna have to get/make one when I have babies!

    I think you’re doing the best thing by weaning him now, you know how you can’t remember things before your 2nd/3rd birthday? I recon that’s to save you the trauma of remembering your mothers breasts when your older! Just a thought! lol

    mm I want cake too :D

  5. Manda


    Your babies are so precious! I was showing my husband the photo’s of Ryan eating his birthday cake, he too thought they were adorable. :)

  6. Sara


    Congrats on the year! I’m glad he seems to be reacting well to cow’s milk, and I hope the weaning goes well! I bet he’ll gradually grow to love juice and the like. Yay birthdays!

  7. Amanda


    Don’t the antibodies in breast milk only give babies immunity until they’re six months old?

  8. Looks like Ryan enjoyed his cake, such cute pictures.

    You know it’s crazy, I’ve been reading your blog since before you were pregnant with Alyssa and this post makes me feel..old. Hehe.

  9. Laur


    Congratulations. Those are cute pictures.

  10. Terry


    LOL, i cant remeber the last time i had breast milk. I just wanna meet the right gal, i am working and have a car and am stable just gotta meet misses right if she has breast milk i will try lol
    Go to my site i made up a top 5 not sure if it was done before but do it if ya like! Not for hits just for something new!

  11. Zsacka


    The little Alyssa is so beautiful. Oh, and Ryan’s cute=) Congratulations! :cute:

  12. Jamie


    It looks like you all had a great day with his birthday. I still have this fear that when we have children and it’s their first birthday, I think I would break down and cry!

    I can remember when I was younger that the people across the street from me had a son and my Mother told me that he was breastfed until he was 3. He had a binkie until he was 5 I think. Congratulations on your personal goal of breastfeeding until his first birthday. My personal goal is someday to make it to like when I can first start introducing solid foods.

    Have a great day!

  13. congratulations on a year of breastfeeding. I wish my kids had liked to breastfeed but they both absolutely refused to do it. So more power to ya, chicky!

    Whenever you start to wean you can use cold cabbage leaves on your breasts to help reduce engorgement. I’m sure you’ve heard of that trick by now though. :cute:

  14. Manda


    Love the pictures! You have such a beautiful family!


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