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Look what’s coming

Check out the screenshots of the up and coming WordPress 2.5, courtesy of the WP blog:




I’m on the phone with my mom, planning out the Easter egg hunt we’re planning for Sunday afternoon. I’m going to buy a bunch of plastic eggs, and then some candy and stickers and tiny stuffed animals, and then one of us — Dan or myself, probably — will go and plant them all around a local park on Sunday afternoon, and then bring the kids over and set them loose. We plan on having two prizes for whichever one of our kids gets the most eggs collected, and whichever one of my brothers gets the most eggs collected.

Easter is going to be busy. Church in the morning, then the Easter egg hunt, and then dinner here at our house for everyone (everyone being us, my mom, brothers and grandfather).

Ergh. Contacts are bugging me. And speaking of contacts, I need to get more ordered, as after this batch is ready to be tossed on April 9th, I won’t have any more!

P.S. Yay, Dan fixed our bathroom lighting last night. Now we have a second light in the main bathroom. W00t!

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  1. Mika


    Wow, the new WP looks super nifty! :D

  2. After having used the new WordPress 2.5 for a few days, I give it two thumbs up. It’s MUCH more user friendly and intuitive.

    And sexy. And lets be honest, eye candy makes me happy.

  3. Katy


    Oh no.. the new WP interface looks sooo nice but I so don’t want to go through the torture of upgrading again. I hate it when my plugins stop working!

  4. Gem


    Oooh wordpress 2.5 looks fab! I can’t wait to try it out!!

    Awww that egg hunt sounds great!! I bet the kids will have a great time!!

    I hope you, dan and family have a great easter!!

  5. Brandy


    It’s about time that they’re giving the overall look a make over, eh!?

    @antigone Are you using a pre-release?

    Easter makes me miss being little. Used to love those Easter egg hunts. It’s still fun to watch the kids search for eggs. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  6. jenn my blog is not working can you check it out and let me know what is wrong ?

  7. Oo, looks nice! Yay wordpress!

    I can’t wait until I have kids I can plan Easter egg hunts for!

    I need contacts too. I have to stretch three pairs of two-week contacts until September, when I have insurance for an exam. O.O

  8. Jenny


    I’ve installed a test run on my personal server and I think it sucks. I mean it has some nice features and all but I honestly think it sucks because ALL of my plugins stopped working and my page blew up on me. (Test site and all)

  9. Becky


    You might want to call the local parks & recreation center to find out if the park you are wanting use is being reserved. That could be an idea alot of people are having for tomorrow evening. Maybe not though. Have fun!

  10. sammie


    awww that makes me miss when I was little for Easter.

  11. kasper


    Oooh 2.5 looks tres spiffy! As always though I worry about all the plugins I use and whether or not they’ll be compatible. Not to mention the new layout I’m still working on. ;)
    Baby D is (IMO) too little to do an Easter Egg Hunt, so hopefully next year I’ll be all into the festivities. Sunday looks like hubby’s gonna make me miss Sunday service to stay home and tidy up before his family arrives at 1:00. I’m so not looking forward to it.


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