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Crank that bad boy

The AC units are in, baby! Normally we wait until mid-May, but since Mother Nature decided to kick off summer early, so are we. Yesterday? The temperature hit about 80. Today? 78-82. Yikes!

It was so hot in here yesterday. And then last night, my mother and brothers came over for dinner — rigatoni with tomato sauce and garlic bread. But then Dan needed dinner too, and he doesn’t like rigatoni, and really wanted meatballs. So guess who stood over a hot stove, making rigatoni AND spaghetti AND tomato sauce AND meatballs to simmer in another pan of tomato sauce? And not one but TWO loaves of garlic bread.
And after everybody wolfed down dinner, they all looked at me expectantly. Dessert. So the oven went back on again, the kitchen’s temperature soared to roasting, and I made a delicious butter golden yellow cake with triple chocolate fudge chip icing on it.


And then came the clean up. So much fun. After everyone left and the kidlets were in bed, I begged Dan to install the AC units. He agreed, but only if I beat the first boss song on Guitar Hero 3. It took me two tries, but I did it. :D

*basks in AC*

Today? I thought about the Hands-on House for Alyssa, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be cool, cloudy and rainy. So today… either a walk at a park that has a pond with loads of ducks and geese, and/or another trip to the playground. But for now, I’ve got laundry to fold!

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  1. I’m jealous, I wish it was that hot in England! It’s freezing over here. Natural AC not FTW. :(

  2. Renate


    And still you tell me that you are just a wannabe domestic goddess. Psh! ;)

    I’ll take some of that heat if you don’t want it, by the way. The highest temperature I’ve seen here the last couple of weeks has been about 12 degrees Celsius. :(

  3. Meatballs, oh my gosh… Going to buy ingredients for that today!

  4. AC is the love of my life right now. It’s hot here, too. But I’m enjoying it compared to the up and down cold/hot that’s been going on here for the past month. Annoying.

  5. Jen


    80? woah, lucky. we got about 8-10 inches of SNOW this morning. not sure what 80 is in canadian temp.but i am sure we would like that here :p

  6. Shauna


    We had about 2 days that went over 20C. I can’t believe you guys need a/c allready!

  7. Holly


    I’m happily take some of your hot weather too, I HATE winter! Garlic bread. Yum. :D

  8. kasper


    Considering the miserable winter we had I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with you. It’s been damn hot in my house over the last few days. Because my Dad lives downstairs I can’t really make it too much colder as his place is already much cooler than mine upstairs. I’ve had most of the windows open though. The room where my computer is (and where I’m currently typing this) is like a sauna already. I’m afraid of how it will be in the actual summer. Yikes!
    That children’s museum sounds really terrific. I remember seeing it on Jon & Kate plus 8 when Joel got his special day there. Wish we had something like that here.

  9. I want it to be hot here in Cali but it is freezing cold, not making for a good vaca weather wise. BTW, like this months layout. Haven’t been here since I went on my trip. Lookin good chick.

  10. Ranee


    It’s about the same here as it is where you are Jenn. It was a bit rainy and cooler yesterday and definitely today. BUT we had a couple days this week where I wanted to use the air in the car, the house was fine if you kept the door open. With the exception of cooking, it always makes it hotter, especially if you have a small house like me.
    We’ll probably wait til the end of May, if I can hold out that long, to have the air in. I hear it’s going to be a whopper of a summer like nearly 100 for the most of it and humid. Yummy!


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