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Houston, we have success!

I am happy to report that Leah is now 100% housebroken and accustomed to going to the bathroom outside only. I got her last September, and immediately set to work on crate training her, teaching her to use a pad by the kitchen trash can and to go outside. We didn’t use the pad much, except at night, and during the winter when it was often too cold for her to go out. And I admit, during the spring I got a bit lazy, and relied on Leah using the pad more than I should have.

But all along I have been dreaming of having her go outside only, just as my grandmother’s dogs would do, except during inclement weather or really cold weather. So for the past two weeks, I have not only continued with scheduled feeding (in the morning around 10am and in the evening around 8pm), but have been religious with getting her out first thing in the morning, then an hour after she eats, then once every 2-3 hours until again an hour after she gets her second meal, and then again before we go to bed for the night.

AND WE HAVE SUCCESS! Not one single accident. Not one! No more pads! I’m so happy. :D :D :D

My good dog:

DSC_2164 (by Jenn ?)

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  1. awww go Leah!
    Hamlet hasn’t had an accident in a longgggg time! It’s so nice not having to worry about it ;)

  2. Ben and I crate trained Kumo too and I SWEAR by it. I suggest it to every single new puppy owners that I meet now. He sleeps in it all night and sometimes he’ll crawl in there and sleep during the day all on his own.

    Kumo has been potty trained for about a two months now. We were REALLY good about taking him out about once an hour and then about two months ago we started leaving the back door open full time and he never had an accident after that. Well, he did once because the door was closed and we were all busy and not really paying enough attention. We have a really well set schedule though and I really think that’s that’s the key.

    YAY FOR LEAH! I bet it feels good to finally have that tackled. I was SO OVER cleaning up piddle off the floor and I’m sure you were too!


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