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One year of Leah

On this date last year (I didn’t blog about it until the next day, though I did tweet on the 15th!) I picked up Leah from her breeder. She was small and shy and sweet, but took right to me. And once Dan began letting her sleep with us (he denies it, but it’s true: every night I would put her out when we would go to bed, and then one night he said I could let her stay. And that was that — unless we put her out and shut the door, she is in bed with us, and sometimes even under the covers with us!), that was it. She is incredibly bonded to both of us.


DSC_1337 (by Jenn ?)


DSC_6086 (by Jenn ?)

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  1. Amy


    It’s been a year already?! I feel like you just got her a few months ago.

  2. Awwww I can’t believe it’s already been a year!! What a cutie :)

  3. Kimberly


    I don’t see much change in her puppy pictures to her adult ones. If you look back on my dog’s from when she was a puppy to now which is 3 years later you can tell a difference. She is a lot more broader and chunkier due to her spaying and probably her eating; shes such a porker! LOL :D


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