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Happy Halloween!

Tonight’s the night we should have gone Trick or Treating, but for once I’m happy I live in a town with idiotic policies, because it’s pouring rain right now, and there’s no way I’d want to trudge through this in order to collect a pittance of candy. Seriously, I had some major hauls from Halloween when I was a kid. But a) I lived in Philadelphia, where houses are more densely packed together (unlike these sprawling cookie cutters around here) and b) people just gave out more then. Oh, and then there’s c) no “schedule” for Trick or Treat. Start at dusk, go home when there’s no candy left to collect. I’d seriously be out until 9, 10 and 11 ‘o clock at night some years, and I’d still have candy left when Easter rolled around.

We had a good time last night. Ryan quickly got into the groove of following “Issy” to the houses and saying “twick tweh tweat” to the people giving out candy. Of course, this was in between checking out everyone’s mailbox. *sigh* I don’t know what was up with that, but I had to put mail back in boxes a few times, and all I kept thinking is that looking through someone else’s mail is a federal offense, and man I really hope the cops would believe me when I said it was my son that pulled the mail out of the boxes in the first place; I was just putting it back!

I took Leah along with me, and my mom came along with Molly, in case I needed help herding the kids from one house to another. But they were great. In fact, towards the end of the Trick or Treat route the kids were dragging major ass behind us. Even the dogs were getting pooped out. Weaklings. :P

Here are the costumes from this year! Alyssa was a princess on a unicorn, Ryan was Wow Wow Wubbzy, Dan was a pirate (arrrrrrrr; pillage and plunder me baby!), and I was myself. ;)

DSC_9418 (by Jenn ?) DSC_9354 (by Jenn ?)

DSC_9382 (by Jenn ?) DSC_9399 (by Jenn ?)

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  1. Omg! I LOVE Leah’s little doggy costume. haha so cute! I might have to get one for my dog next year. I didn’t have money this year. :(

  2. Kat


    Aww, the kids look so cute!
    I love the doggy costume too, I think pets should only wear clothes at Halloween, any other time of year it’s just wrong. hahaha

  3. Here we have Halloween on the right night, but it’s 6-8pm, must have a porch light on, blah blah blah. They have so many rules about it, it’s pathetic. Now the kids all go to the mall for “safe” trick or treating because the stores give out candy, kids can’t get run over, etc. We had about 20 kids last year, 12 this year. Pretty soon we won’t be having any at all. I think that’s why people aren’t giving out as much anymore – not enough kids to make it worth it. :(

  4. Aww so cute! We only had one trick or treater I was so disappointed :( Damn England…

  5. Electronic Cigarette


    Happy Halloween! Very Beautiful Pictures.

  6. Kate


    I know in Philly they have a special program where the kids go out the Friday before Halloween for “safe” trick-or-treating to pre-determined houses that sign up for the program (my roommates and I signed up in our old apartment. Our entire building actually had a good turn out of participants giving out candy) because a lot of the kids live in neighborhoods you wouldn’t want to walk down during the day, let alone at night. It’s an AWESOME way for these kids to enjoy Halloween.

  7. aww it looks like you all had so much fun and leah is so precious in her lil costume :)


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