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I heart my Pug

I know I’m total dorksauce, but I ♥ Leah! And she definitely ♥ me. Her expression and state of mine is always, “Mistress, my favorite!”

I hereby recommend that everyone should get a Pug for themselves!

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  1. Aw, she is adorable! There’s a tv show on in the UK with a lady with two pugs and every time it’s on I want one, haha. So sweet!

  2. I’ve always wanted a Pug and I’d name it Piper. We’ve always had pekes though (love em) and now our Belgian Malinois twins too. :)

  3. Sam


    I want to hug her. <3

  4. kalen


    she’s a doll baby :) there is a pug rescue group close by & i’ll have to admit i’m tempted every time i visit their website!

  5. Justin


    lol Pugs are so cute. I’m getting a dog soon… maybe this is my calling?

  6. She’s a cutie! We’re considering getting another dog soon and I’d like a wee dog again…maybe a Pug’s the way to go!

  7. Ever since I saw Milo and Otis as a little girl I’ve wanted a pug. Maybe one day :)


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