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Pugs are a lot like the Three Stooges

Last night Dan and I went over to his childhood best friend’s house for dinner. He and his wife made hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob — a perfect July evening meal! The best part of the visit, I think was seeing THREE Pugs interact with one another. Dan’s friend and his wife have a Pug named Toby, and they were also dogsitting another Pug, Sammi. Throw Leah into the mix and you have 60 lbs. of snorting and snuffling. Of course, a lot of that snorting and snuffling may decrease if the Pugs indulged in some best fat burning exercises, but Pugs are meant to be chunky. ;)

I didn’t take any pictures, unfortunately, because I didn’t think to bring my camera along. Next time I’ll have to. Pugs are silly enough on their own; the silliness and smile-inducing behavior only gets increased when you start adding on Pugs.

But here, I’ll appease you with one of my favorite photos of Leah. Doesn’t she look like she’s smiling?


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