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Who needs Midol when there’s Percocet?

It’s funny, but as I’ve lost weight my PMS and menstrual symptoms have gotten more pronounced, rather than lessening. Doctors have you believe that super-heavy periods, painful cramping and other symptoms are a result of your morbid obesity. “Lose weight”, they tell you, “and things will get better”. Only for me at least, they’ve gotten worse. Before I had super-heavy periods that were 7-8 days long and regular (every 29 days or so). Now they’re completely irregular in timing, which I expected, seeing as how I’ve had not only dramatic weight loss (133.4 lbs. since April 2009), but major nutritional changes. But I certainly didn’t expect my PMS and menstrual symptoms to get worse as opposed to getting better. I’m definitely more irritable and down when I’m PMSing, and in addition to the aching thighs, legs and calves that I had before, I’m now getting the stereotypical sore boobs, too. Sore boobs, WTF? The only other time I’ve ever dealt with that was when I was pregnant. It was so bad the other night that I was just holding them as gingerly as possible when I got into bed (I don’t sleep with a bra on, obviously), and when Dan made a move to touch them (jokingly), I nearly bit his head off. Heh.

And the pain… oy. Midol Complete helps, but not nearly enough. Yesterday afternoon I took half of a Percocet (my own prescription, thank you very much, so you can go ahead and resist the urge to speed-dial the FDA) on top of a Midol Complete tablet, and while I was certainly a bit fuzzy feeling after that, the pain diminished significantly, so I was actually able to make it through the afternoon and finish up some franchise lead generations, rather than just lay around moaning.

Speaking of Percocet, it isn’t one of the most popular narcotics, is it? Everyone is all about the Vicodin. I’ve had both — Percocet after my c-section, and Vicodin after my wisdom teeth removal and gastric bypass surgery — and between the two, Percocet is definitely my drug of choice. Don’t get me wrong, Vicodin works, but it doesn’t seem to dull the pain as much. More than anything, it just knocks me out. Percocet, on the other hand, does a better job of taking the pain away. But I noticed that it makes me feel kind of disconnected from my limbs, and my breathing is definitely suppressed a bit by it, so maybe that’s why most doctors just prescribe Vicodin.

So why am I running around with a prescription for Percocet? Well, as I mentioned last Tuesday, I saw my surgeon’s assistant on Monday morning concerning the gallbladder attacks I’ve had, and in particular the severe one I had last weekend. She scheduled me for an ultrasound (which was negative for gallstones or inflammation) and a CT and HIDA scans (to check for general gallbladder function, as well as the function of my stomach pouch and intestines; so far I haven’t heard back from my surgeon), and offered me a prescription for painkillers to take for any subsequent attacks I might get again. She asked me to “pick [my] poison”, and my immediate response was Percocet. Like I told her, I’m not a druggie and I haven’t had much experience with painkillers, but of the three times I’ve been prescribed them, I felt that Percocet did a better job. So Percocet it is!

Anyway, I think I’ve name-dropped narcotics enough in this post, so I’m going to go paint my nails and then check work email.

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  1. The only pain pills I have been prescribed is hydrocodone and they made me feel a little dizzy but took the pain away.

  2. Leslie


    Percocet is a bit stronger. Not to mention Percocet uses Oxycodone (THE ingredient in Oxycontin, yes, that good ol Hillybilly Heroin.) Vicodin uses Hydrocodone. Similar, yeah..but different. Oxycodone is stronger..and produces slightly different effects.
    What you are taking, when you take Percocet, is a low dose of Oxycodone mixed with Tylonal. Mostly…an overwhelming mostly…Tylonal. However, the small amount of Oxycodone in the Percocet is addictive. Very addictive. I should know. It was very irregular Oxycodone use that eventually led to my Heroin addiction.

    Does it make a difference if theyre prescribed? I mean, its the same substance regardless.

  3. Leslie


    Keep poppin those Percs’ and youll be one of us ( a ‘druggie’ ) in no time!

  4. Brittney


    Leslie, I am a morphine ‘user’ I have used many different painkillers…. oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, etc. etc…. and I am no addict. Yes, you can get physically dependent, but that doesn’t mean you’ll become mentally addicted. If you know how to control your usage and use as you really need, you won’t become that ‘druggie or heroine addict. It’s all about YOUR self control.

  5. Brittney



    Ugh.. I should have read that before I posted… ignore my mistakes ;)

  6. Leslie



    Mental addiction isnt an issue when it comes to Opiate addiction. It is the physical addiction and withdrawal that is hell….and that fuels the fear and desperation of addicts to..well, continue being addicts. You ARE physically dependent upon your opiates..therefore you are an addict. No different than me.

    If you take opiates will become an addict. It is not possible not to. Your body becomes PHYSICALLY addicted to has NOTHING to do with mental addiction.

  7. Brittney


    Mental addiction is a big part. People LOVE the high and the feeling. Did you not enjoy the feeling you got from Oxycontin or Heroin? That is why they start to begin with, and then it takes more and more to get to that feeling. It is like marijuana… many people become mentally addicted, not physically. Physical addiction is easy to overcome. Of course I’m somewhat physically dependent., but I’m not mentally addicted. If I don’t take them for 12 hours, a day or whatever other time frame, I’m OK. Why am I okay with it? Because I’m not MENTALLY addicted. Did they tell you that you were a victim when you started your rehab?


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