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Paging Dr. Google

Do these incisions look infected to you?

For reference, each incision/affected area is about 1.25″ x 1.25″.

I took the steri-strips (medical tape crap) off of them tonight. They burn, they itch, and with the tape off, they now smell, and as you may be able to see both have raised, red bumps, as well as clear, fluid-filled blisters. The higher/middle incision (top picture) has a definitive, hard lump beneath it. I never had this with my gastric bypass surgery incisions or my c-section incision. A bit of itching and scabbing yes. But the burning, intense itching and this ickiness? No.

Halp. :(

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  1. I would get them checked out. I’m allergic to the medical tape and I get blisters and hives and it looks a lot like your pictures. The smell is a bad sign it shouldn’t smell. You probably just need an antibiotic.

  2. I would think something is amiss. Especially if there’s an unpleasant smell. I’d get ’em looked at… I didn’t have those issues with my incisions at all.

  3. Becca


    Aren’t bumps usually a sign of infection??

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  5. Heather


    It looks like an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the medical tape. The redness and the blisters are common reactions to the adhesive. I see it a lot at work!

  6. I would definitely have them looked at. Even if they’re not infected, it would be worth it for sheer peace of mind. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Definitely get them checked out. The redness and puffiness could be from the steri-strips (I am highly allergic to them and start to burn and itch within minutes, sometimes seconds) but they should never smell bad! A bad smell is *almost* always a sign of infection – best to catch it now if it is!! *hugs*

  8. agree with those who think its a possile allergic reaction to the tape. def get checked out. i had a post op ifection when i had lap surgery for endometriosis. it was bad. so get checked asap.

  9. Becki


    I had something similar when I had my c-section with my son, but mine weren’t at cuts, they were just blisters from the tape that was over my scar/wound. Since they’re at the incision cuts, it looks like they could be infected. I’d get them checked out and get some cream from the doctor!

  10. Ow! I would get that checked out, poor you

  11. Nikki


    The bumps and redness look like an allergic reaction. I say this because I get a similar reaction every time I use medical tape and boy does it itch!

    The smell is probably the most concerning part. What kind of smell would you describe it as? Is it warm to the touch? Infections tend to make things warm when you touch them in comparison with the rest of your skin.

    It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact your doctor. Infections are not something you want to mess with, especially not in surgical wounds >_<

  12. I agree with all the commenters. The smell is really concerning. I would go get it checked out ASAP before it turns into something worse.

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