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Ripping off a blogger? So not cool.

Having worked from home over the past four years for a variety of companies, clients and individuals, I feel very strongly about work-at-home mothers and bloggers in general getting fairly compensated for their work. So when I hear about a blogger not being paid for their work, I will give advice whenever possible, and in the case of Nichole, who has apparently been screwed over by Amanda (blogs: Eat, Love, Shop, Review Central and This, That, and Myself) to the tune of $100.00, offer my blog as a platform for ranting and raising public awareness about the issue.

The condensed version: Amanda contacted Nichole a few months ago and offered her a one month position. Nichole completed the work, expected payment in the amount of $100.00 on the 1st of November, but to date, despite several emails and excuses from Amanda, has not yet been paid. However, Amanda continues to be active online. More outrageously, she contacted Nichole tonight and threatened to sue her for slander. Amanda dear, the term you’re looking for is libel, and because Nichole is stating the facts only, she is nowhere near libelous. The fact of the matter is, she completed the work you expected her to, you agreed to pay her $100.00 on November 1st, 2010, and as of today that payment has still not been made. Facts are facts, and Nichole going public with them, and sharing screenshots of your emails and your public, online contact info (email address, website URLs, Twitter accounts), is not only not anything close to libel, but is also not illegal, as you tried to claim in your email to her.

The long version (written by Nichole herself):

I have recently fallen victim to a little bit of internet drama recently, not something I was interested in. As a former real life drama queen, I try to steer away and stay reformed lol.

A few months back I started posting some reviews at a site called review central. I thought it was an awesome idea/concept and would help me out with my site stats/etc.

I started out as a basic author, and then around the first of november they were looking for someone to take over the site for the month of november. I was interested, sounded like it was for me so I inquired about it. I was told that I would recieve 100 bucks in my paypal on Nov 1. Sounded like a deal to me!

I went to various sites and got a few new authors for the site. I also tweeted the bejeezus about the site. I posted 2 reviews every day (or every other day) as they were submitted/or they were written by me. I was moving at the time, but lo, and behold i’d sit down and be sure I kept up with the reviews.

Towards the end of the month things dwindled down quite a bit..which she understood/was fine with.

Nov 1 came and went with no money. I chalked it up to getting busy/etc and let it ride for a few days. I didn’t want to be confrontational (still don’t) so I just hinted about the money. I was told that she’d be in touch with payment soon. 2 weeks passed. I didn’t hear a word from her or recive payment. I sent multiple emails that were never answered.

Then I checked out her blog..there were updates. I checked out eden fantasys and saw videos posted by her. I emailed Monday (13th) and nothing. I sent out a paypal invoice. nothing. I also sent out another email and two more paypal invoices. nothing.

She had also made a new site/twitter account that I found which was being VERY frequently updated…and here she was still not answering me?

I made a post on my site about the situation, and sent her another email stating that the post would go live on my site with screencaps of emails/site in 1hr. I didn’t hear from her and the post went public. I never said and still haven’t said anything about this sittuation that is not a direct fact. A few hours after the post went public I was contacted saying that it wasn’t her intention to not pay,etc and that she was having paypal problems. She would send me a money order! Sounded fine and dandy to me, so I took the post down. This was on the 18th of November (the thursday before thanksgiving)

I figured i’d recive this money order fairly quickly. By Monday/Tuesday of last week I was getting the idea that I wasn’t going to get it before thanksgiving. I was going to use this money for holiday travel/black friday purposes. I tried to contact her via twitter but no luck.

By Friday of last week I was starting to be very suspicious of the whole sittuation again.

I reposted my previous post on my blog on saturday. I asked people to read it, tweet /facebook about it if they felt the need. I just honestly want the word out there. I have tweeted the link several times since then.. got a few comments and lots of hits.

Today I got an email that shocked me to my very core. This is the direct quote of the email

“I have read your blog post and noticed that you do have my First and Last name visible as well as my email address which are all confidential information. I understand that you may be upset due to the circumstances. These technical issues are never predicted. Regardless, It is illegal for you to post confidential information about me according to the United Nations Declaration’s Article 12. I am requesting that you remove my personal and confidential information from your blog immediately. Also, it is slander to involve other communities such as other contributors of Eden Fantasys by using your blog and twitter. You cannot and should not involve outside sources. I understand that you may be upset and would like to spread the word, however, you cannot include my name and other websites of mine, my personal twitter account, and my other blogs that are not even related to Review Central. You can blog about me and the circumstances of Review Central, but all other sources must and should be removed from your post. I will continue to keep track of these accounts and blogs and will expect all of my personal information to be removed or I will be forced to take legal action. Thank you so much for you time.”

The girl is threatening to SUE me for SLANDER! I am likeo.k. whoa whoa whoa back up the truck here…Slander is when you talk crap about someone. Not when you just state the facts! She says I violated her protection rights under some law because I posted her last name/email address! That isn’t necessairly true either, because that is public domain information!

I feel that I am being BULLIED into taking down this post. I have taken it down for right now to appease her and take out her name and email address off of the screencaps.

I don’t feel that me making a simple FACTUAL post on my own blog..tweeting a link to it and asking people to form their own opinion was anything wrong on my behalf.

I was also told that I am not ALLOWED to have other people get involved(tweeting blogging facebooking ) This is America. It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If people want to help me spread the word, there are no laws against that!

I am pretty sure I will never see this money. At this point, I just want the word out there so that other people know about this sittuation. Maybe I can save someone else from going through this same thing!

Read more here and here.

Interestingly, Amanda herself commented on a few blog entries of mine, presumably after she read one of the comments I left on Nichole’s original blog entry about the situation. She then went on to contact me privately and ask me to complete an interview for a blog of hers. I declined, citing her screwing Nichole — someone I consider to be an online friend — over.

Has anyone else had any unfortunate experiences with this woman?

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  1. I am one of the lucky ones who have never had to deal with someone like this, but this is the most effed up thing ANYONE can do to anyone. I am Nichole’s friend as well and to hear some shit like this makes me fume.

    Hope they get what’s coming to them, and hope Nichole gets her dough.

  2. YIKES@ I feel sorry for the girl who got screwed. I love how that Amanda chick had time to look up the article number of the declaration of…something I don’t even have time to scroll up and copy because I have a life…but she can’t just pay the other girl. Pretty douch-tastic.

    I better shut up before I get sued too!!!!

    • The UNITED NATIONS article #112 or whatever? I laughed my ass off at that, heh.

      I told Nichole to tell Amanda to take the money she’d use to file a useless lawsuit against her and just PAY UP.

    • P.S. Ranee! Internet drama! It’s like 2007 all over again. Holla!

      • It’s kinda past internet drama because you were hiring someone for a position and that just makes you a shitty business person. If you learn anything from being on the net it’s that when you start screwing people over money wise you pretty much lose all credibility, but yeah 2007.

        And seriously, take the money and pay up. Honesty would have went a really long way with this too because Nichole seems more than patient. I’d have been screaming from like go. She’s waited and done it in a very nice manner. Just be honest and say I don’t have the money, or even pay her a tiny bit here and there would be better than accusing her and trying to think of a way to get mad at her and make this her fault.

        Ranee Rule Number One…I do not work for free!

  3. Whoa, what? She contacts you later asking if you’d like to do an interview?

    I mean, it’s one thing to go and post someone’s full name, address, date of birth, SIN all over the internet. It’s quite another to use someone’s name and email address and assorted URLs when they’re probably all mentioned somewhere on her own sites/linked to one another.

    I thought it was kinda funny when I heard that this Amanda girl wanted to sue for slander. Not because lawsuits are funny or anything, but because she used completely the wrong word… I’d expect someone who had the time to look up some random declaration of whatever to at least consult a dictionary first.

  4. Kecia


    I think this girl is just being ridiculous. She’s just mad that Nichole has so much proof against her that she can’t lie her way out of this…so of course, the best course of action is to sue! :P If she’d just go ahead and pay up, she wouldn’t have to worry about her name, email, etc being posted all over the Internet…

  5. That is horrible!

    I had a similar experience a few years ago, though it never peaked to the client threatening to sue me. It was the one and only freelance online writing gig I’ve ever taken and honestly made me very wary of the idea of getting into paid blogging, even though I’d love to start doing so.

    I can’t believe she contacted you after the fact for a job. That is just ridiculous.

  6. I really hate when I see bloggers get screwed like this. Technically, LEGALLY, I don’t think you are supposed to post screen shots of emails but unless she has the standard business “for your eyes only” crap at the bottom, it would be a good court battle to do anything about it… OVER $100!

    Also, it’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine when I see people THREATEN somebody with libel or slander and use THE WRONG TERM. If you’re going to look up a fucking United Nations article, take the time to hit up too.

    • also, if she’s not going to pony up the $100, I’m pretty sure she’s not suing anyone. But I’d pay admission to see her go at without a lawyer, since she does have uber knowledge of like United Nations stuff and crap. Stuff and crap..hehe.

  7. Wow – I really like Nichole and for someone to do her this way… well, I’m about to let my followers know as well.

  8. Wow! It’s so irritating when people pull that type of stuff. I mean even if it was or is a technical dilemma how hard is it to reply to an email and explain the situation instead of ignore all emails and open new websites/update twitter frequently. I’m sorry, but if you have time to do those things then you have time to reply to an email. It’s very clear that she’s shady and the whole putting her name and email address on the internet comment she made is pretty hilarious, was she trying to sound intimidating? LOL

  9. Aside from the whole ‘this is wrong’ side of the table and the unease it causes for the parties affected – I always get a little giggle out of these e-drama things.

    Especially because it can be solved so f*cking easy: just pay up what you owe.

    If you weren’t able to pay up in the first place, why even get someone to do it.

  10. Did she seriously try to invoke the Declaration of Human Rights? …Seriously? I get that she might not understand what the Declaration is and seems to misunderstand its purpose, but to try to use it/one of the Articles (which refers to arbitrary interference with one’s reputation and “honour” — key word here being arbitrary) against someone while alleging libel (ignoring that she’s using the wrong term, which is another rant entirely)? That… it just… it breaks my brain.

    Posting screenshots of emails is iffy, insofar as I know, in terms of one’s expectation of privacy when emailing a person directly, but since the screenshots have been taken down, it’s a moot point now, I think.

    That’s a lousy thing to do to someone. I wonder if Amanda’s run out of excuses yet, or if she’ll have more “problems” — or just continue to harp on the libel thing. Furthermore, I can’t believe she had the gall to contact you and ask you to do an interview thing. She sounds like quite a nervy person. ;)

  11. John


    That’s why I tell anyone doing business online providing any service to talk to a paralegal to create contracts, and require a retainer in advance before sending it.

    Too often I’ve gotten social engineered by information milkers posing as prospects. It’s no different if it’s for a monetizing opportunity on my site or providing mental health services.

    My third party partners I monetize with get their money up front, and I’ve had no issue with payment for any work I’ve done through them in four years.

    If someone wants to talk to me about providing them services after disclosing my state credentials, it’s simple to bill them through Paypal for a ‘consultation’. If they don’t pay, they get no attention.

    Money walks and it’s obvious what walks. :)

    Good entry. If they blogger did the work, the blogger needs to get paid…and any non-payer needs to have their dirty laundry put out in public online to warn the rest of us.


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  13. Cyberspew


    Wow how lame and pathetic! I’m assuming when she said “United Nations Declaration’s Article 12” she means the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ONLY time you reference that is when you’re being tortured in a 3rd world country :P

    • Good to know! I’ll definitely cite that article the next time I’m in a third world country and find myself being detained.

  14. thanks so much to everyone who has commented on this,visited my site, etc so far.It is very much appreciated. I will take the time to visit you all and comment you personally. I will also check out and follow anyone that has a twitter(if you want to follow back /approve me that would be awesome:) )

    If you have commented on my post I haven’t sent everything out of moderation yet, but I will.

    as of right now tuesday nov 30 @ 2:10 p.m .. still nothing. !!

  15. This reminds me of the crap I had to put up with when I took the VP spot for Martini Lounge and Alecia went AWOL while owing a bunch of people money. I would honestly suggest Nichole to do the same as those who were owed by ML. Seek out the law enforcement wherever Amanda lives, find a lawyer and get what’s owed to you. Even if it seems like more hassle than it’s worth, if you don’t do it this chick is going to think she can screw people over with no repercussions – and she should be shown that she cannot. That any time she makes a commitment she will be held accountable.

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  17. Kayla


    I was never paid for a guest blog post I wrote for her either, but when I was never answered, I just gave up.

  18. Emily


    Anything that you put up online is really not private anymore. You can make it harder for someone to find your information, but if you have it somewhere online, it’s no longer really private information. The only way that she can use the legal card is if someone here threatens to physically harm her if they find out where she lives or spam her email until it’s flooded..etc. As for posting up all her websites, it’s really not legal at all since it’s public stuff…So really Amanda can call all her lawyers and she’ll just be wasting money. It’s cheaper to just pay the $100 and be done with it. I don’t know why she would want her name to be dragged through mud and all this drama when she can just pay and move on.

    This is why when you do business online, it’s always good to have a contract written up.

  19. I agree with others who say this is more than just internet drama. This is a bad business deal and Amanda needs to suck it up and hand over 100 dollars. What was she thinking anyway? Like, “oh, this girl will obviously just give up if I refuse to pay her 100 dollars. Nothing bad will come of it.” There should be a place where you can report people like this.

  20. I don’t know if she has the intention to ever pay her or not. That is a messed up situation, and her response to it makes it even worse.

    But I myself have run into problems collecting $$ and goods from large companies, on multiple occasions. Sometimes it takes FOREVER!!! I have been paid for work 3 months after it was completed sometimes. And have been waiting on some product for just as long and keep getting the run-around. It is quite frustrating!

    I hope that she gets paid soon.

  21. So sorry to hear about this :( I really hope she pays up asap!

  22. Incredible. Just… incredible. She hasn’t made good on her end of their written agreement, so she has no case. After several attempts of getting her temporary employer to pay up, Nichole “gave up” by presenting her side of the case to the public.

    And the nerve of Amanda to bring up “United Nations Declaration’s Article 12” as a point of her rights being stepped on, I would ask her to re-read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the declaration’s full and official name) more carefully. Article 12 reads as follows:
    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

    In that case, if Nichole was as big of an ass-hat as Amanda, she would point out that Amanda has stepped on Nichole’s rights as well; article 4 (regarding slavery – or in a translated sense, unpaid work), article 17 (the right to property, and none shall be deprived of their property – can be translated as all the copyrighted articles/reviews Nichole wrote during that month), article 19 (freedom of speech) and article 23 (freedom of choice about employment, the right to equal pay for equal work).

    But, as I said, Amanda here is the only one being an ass. If Nichole had chosen to take this to the courts, I would say Amanda would be out, not only of the original $100, but possibly had to pay for Nichole’s legal and court costs as well. Just saying.

    Amanda, if you’re reading this, just calm the F down and do what’s right. It’s almost Xmas, so be good, for goodness sake. (That’s a song, innit?)

  23. Cinda


    I retweeted this for you.. Absolutely awful, I’m a strong believer in karma and it will all come back and bite her in the butt. It astonishes me that she would come and ask you to work for her…What a fool.

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  26. *sigh* I wish I’d have known about this last year. Sarah just linked me here from ToySwap. I had one member come to me, hesitantly, saying she’d sent Amanda money for toys and never heard from her. Amanda successfully completed a few good swaps prior to her current scam run. If I’d known about this, I wouldn’t have let Amanda join, I don’t think.

    Since I posted in our forums that I was about to suspend her from ToySwap but didn’t want to if there happened to be anybody else in the midst of a swap with her (with TS being their only point of contact) TWO MORE came out to say the EXACT same thing. I emailed this chick last week on 3 different accounts, no response. I’ve suggested to my members that have been scammed that they do a “dispute transaction” on Paypal, but since Amanda isn’t a business I don’t know how well it’ll work. Hopefully with 3 people doing it, Paypal might actually step in.

    I personally don’t condone people selling items on Toyswap, but the occasional sale isn’t so bad. It’s the people who come there and right off the bat list selling prices and make it clear they don’t want to swap in most cases.
    Dangerous Lilly recently blogged about: Officially Excited For MomentumCon 2012: The Sessions!!

  27. I am seriously almost speechless to think that this could be happening all over again! And..these people actually lost their own personal money that they already had! They didn’t just expect to get paid for services…
    Apparently it must be something about this time of the year , because this is pretty much around the same time it happened to me!
    I could write a book of how I still feel about this situation..and what happened to me. I have been online since 1998. I felt like the biggest stupidist person on gods green earth…
    if I can help with anything or if any of these gals want to talk to someone who has been there just let me know! I wish them the best of luck..
    nichole recently blogged about: weekend didn’t start well


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