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Poor Pug

My Leah girl. I made an unexpected trip to the veterinarian today, after I realized that it had been 36 hours after Leah suddenly spazzed out and acted as though her back legs were hurting her. Up until today she wouldn’t put any weight on them, and even now they’re still not “right” — she’s very tentative and wobbly on them, as if she is unsure if they will support her weight. After ruling out Lyme disease (since we live in a rural area and I did find a tick on her last spring, I wouldn’t have been too surprised at that diagnosis), he did some more checking, and determined that she probably pinched a nerve or twisted a muscle. I waited another fifteen minutes and flipped through a magazine filled with all sorts of random ads (including Swisher Sweets) while Leah waited docilely in my lap. So now she’s home with a nine day regimen of Prednisone (steroids). I was relieved when she drank some water this afternoon, ate a small bowl of canned dog food, and then later peed. Her not taking anything in or putting anything out worried me a lot more than her legs did! I’m also glad to know that the Prednisone will increase her thirst — after 36 hours of not drinking, she has got to be more than a little dehydrated!

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