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Sick trifecta

Summary: My baby is sick and the severity of how sick and miserable he is breaks my heart. :*(

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  1. Aww, poor Ryan. I can’t imagine being that sick. I hope he has a quick recovery.

  2. Poor Ryan. I hope those antibiotics help fight the virus, or should I say viruses.

    I’ve come down with a stomach bug today myself. I’m currently trying to bring down a 102 fever, and trying to keep myself hydrated as well. My Mom had it last week, and it looks like it’s my turn. I also passed it to one of my co workers who was also sick at work today as well. Not fun. :(

  3. I hope Ryan feels better soon. Alyssa is currently in the hospital for strep throat / dehydration and some other things. She had to have suppositories too, but now everything is being given intravenously.

    I can’t imagine how Ryan feels. I wish him a speedy recovery though! (and hope no one else in your household gets sick).


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