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Bingo flaps

By far, the worst skin I am left with from losing all of this weight (151 lbs and counting!) is what’s left on my arms. I call them my bingo flaps. I love fall and winter because I hide them in three-quarter-length tops, long-sleeved tops, and my personal favorite, hoodies. But now that spring is here and the temperatures are warming up, t-shirt weather will soon be upon us, which means there’s no hiding them. Trust me, they’re bad. So bad, in fact, that I’ve done my best to hide them in photos. But I’m all about being honest, and letting it all hang out, so here you go:

I have the upper arms of a 331 person, and they look ridiculous on the body of a 180 lb person. Sigh.

(This summer I will be almost two years out of surgery, and I fully intend on checking with surgeons on details and pricing for the removal of those bastards!)

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    • Um, no.

      Nothing “turns into muscle”. Muscle is already there, you just make it bigger by working it out.

      Bingflaps are skin and fat, the only way to get rid of them is to burn fat by working out and eating a sensible diet.

  1. Foxgrin


    Have the same problem. Can’t find t-shirts with long enough sleeves either. So I buy cheap men’s t-shirts, cut off the sleeves and use the sleeve fabric to add longer sleeves to my favorite t-shirts. I attach them (sewn by hand) to the underside of my sleeves so it looks like I’m wearing a t-shirt underneath another t-shirt. Good luck. You’re looking great!


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