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I have an aversion to sweating

It’s currently 81° in my house. If I were 152.4 lbs heavier, I would be freakin’ sweltering right now. But with the windows open and the ceiling fan (thank you Daniel!!! Best anniversary present ever!!!) going full-speed in the living room, it’s not too bad. This weather is moronic, FYI. It’s currently 83° outside. Tomorrow’s high? 56°1. What’s up with that, Mother Nature? However, I’m not complaining about the decrease in temperature, as I am hoping for cooler-than-average temps until we get central (!!!) air (!!!) installed. I’m just complaining about the extreme fluctuations of temperature. A thirty degree difference in a 24 hour period is just begging for colds and stomach bugs to strike, you know?

Speaking of which, allergies have been kicking my ass and taking names for a week now. Every morning I wake up with goopy eyes and a runny nose. I go around all day with a headache and an odd state of fogginess — plus a dry, scratchy throat and sneezing. And at night, the dry, scratchy throat gets worse, as does the headache. Irksome, to say the least. It’s killing my productivity — I pulled a ten hour day yesterday just to catch up from last week. :(

Right now Leah is laying at my feet, letting out disgruntled little snorts whenever one of Alyssa’s or Ryan’s friends (there’s six of them altogether outside) comes in for a drink or a snack or a toy. After years (the last two and a half) of her incessant barking whenever someone comes into the house, and various failed attempts from us to get her to shut the fuck up (reprimands, ignoring her, crating her, spraying her with water, etc.), I finally broke down and bought a shock collar. It only shocks her if she barks, and since she’s a smart girl she only has gotten shocked by it maybe three times total — and she’s worn it whenever we have company over or the kids are running in and out probably a good ten or eleven times now. I started her off on one of those collars that sprays a lemon-scented/flavored mist, but she ignored it, so I stepped it up to the shock collar. I’m not fond of pain as a correction, but I’m also not fond of her barking non-stop a good five, ten, fifteen or twenty minutes after I’ve invited someone into the house. The shock collar does the job where everything else failed, and since Leah is not dumb, she won’t get shocked. Heh.

Today I accompanied Ryan on a preschool field trip to Alyssa’s elementary school for a tour. While not every kid in his class will go to that elementary school next year, he will since Alyssa already goes there, and the school district keeps siblings together. She’ll be in first grade, and he’ll be in full-day kindergarten (extended kindergarten is not only for kids who need extra academic help, but also for special-needs kids who will benefit from the socialization aspect). Translation? I’ll be all by myself (or with Dan, if he’s off or not working early) from 8:30am until 4:00pm. That sounds positively orgasmic. The idea of having 7-8 straight hours to work during, and then being able to close up shop and just do mommy and wifey things all afternoon and evening is just so surreal sounding at this moment. I can’t freaking wait!

I shed a few tears on Alyssa’s first day of kindergarten, and I know for a fact that I’ll shed even more when Ryan, my baby, my lastborn, boards the bus for kindergarten. I’ll be happy, of course, but I’ll also be a bit emotional at yet another significant milestone representing him growing up. I was thinking of that today when we were touring the school. While a lot of the kids were running ahead of their moms, Ryan had a death-grip on my hand, and had no interest in leaving my side to go to the kindergarten classroom for playtime and snacks while us moms were shepherded off to another room to receive paperwork and ask questions. But he went, which is more than I can say for another little boy who threw a royal fit. I felt bad for her, but more so for her mom.

On a completely unrelated note, PennDOT unsuspended our vehicle registrations today, free of charge, so our vehicles are legal to drive again. Sweetness. I guess spamming their fax machine with twelve documents a day, every day since last Thursday, and calling them every day to check on the status of the document “processing” and to bitch to whoever I got on the other end, did some good. (Sorry trees!)

Well look at that, it’s already after 5:30pm. Where has this day gone? These nails need to hurry up and dry, because I have dinner to make and grubby kids to bathe!

  1. Note to self: shut the damn windows tonight, lest you want to wake up freezing at 4:00am

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  1. Ugh I hate when it gets over 77! I sweat so much its ridiculous, I think I got that from my dad and it sucks. Even if its like 40 outside as long as I’m moving I’ll be sweating, its ridiculous lol.

    Aww and yay for making that big step to Elementary school!!

  2. We’ve been trying to keep the A/C off, with these temperature changes it always seems like we’re switching the thermostat from heat to cool. Good luck for Ryan at kindergarten next year! I know I’ll be a mess when it’s time to let the kids go.

    • Mmm A/C. I can’t wait to be able to say “yeah, we had to switch the thermostat over today” instead of “so we went through the hassle of lugging in AC units and putting them in windows and then blew a fuse when I tried to run the vacuum” heh.

  3. I hear you on the fluctuations, though now I’m dealing with humidity. My hair looks awful. Plus, I think I may be developing allergies


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