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Functioning internet soothes the savage Jenn

When we were at the beach two weeks ago (Ocean City, NJ), the internet connection — a “borrowed” unsecured wifi network, heh — was a little slow, but it was steady and consistent. So while it was annoying to deal with at times, it worked, so I made do and got my work done. I expected the same here in Wildwood, NJ, but was a little disappointed and more than a little panicky yesterday evening when it just kept sputtering and dying. I managed to get a little bit of work done, and while I was — and still am — caught up with things (which is something I haven’t been able to brag about in nearly three months, so it feels awfully weird and foreign to not have a million things waiting for me to take care of), I was still a little perturbed. But by then it was 1:00am and I had been up and running since 7:30am the previous morning, the kids were snoring and I was exhausted, so I said screw it and went to bed.

This morning, while chilling sweating poolside while Alyssa and Ryan played, I was hopeful when I noticed that tweets I sent from my phone actually went through. Jason remarked that what probably made things so bad yesterday was the thousands of people packed into Wildwood, NJ for the fireworks display (they were gorgeous, by the way. I’d post pics, but I’m in our motel room and my camera is at the beach with Dan, Jason and the kids.). I hope so, because I CANNOT go four days without working. I just can’t. The downside of working from home and making your own schedule — I can’t just walk away from it all for more than a day, because there’s lots of shit to do and no one else to do it.

Fireworks in Wildwood, New Jersey (2011)
(The one fireworks photo I do have, courtesy of my phone.)

Totally different subject here, but can you believe I am running around in tank tops and shorts? And not those below-the-knee or bermuda shorts, either. I’m talking the short-shorts, the kind that wouldn’t pass the fingertip test in school. They’re a little short for my liking (another 2-3 inches would be great, thanks), but I can’t seem to find any lengths besides short-shorts and below-the-knee — nothing in between. So I make do. And honestly, when I don’t think about the fact that my thighs are still a little wobbly (I need to get back to the YMCA and on the damn machines ASAP!), I just don’t care. Overall, from an unbiased standpoint, I know I don’t look that bad, and there are women and men strutting around in less than what I’m wearing looking far worse than I do. But it’s hard to shake this huge body image issue I have. I hate my bingo flaps, my stomach, and my thighs. But when it comes to all three being revealed (via tank tops, a lack of Spanx since it’s summer, and short-shorts), I think I hate my thighs the worst! Weird, right?

Anyway, enough blogging, as I have work to do, and then a beach to go lounge on!

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  1. I had the same issue in WV. I was in the mountains and my uncle’s satellite Internet was like 5mph compared to my cable that zooms at 70mph and they have a bandwidth cap everyday. I couldn’t even tether because my signal faded from one room to another. I was like umm no, gone for 5 days = almost a week of pay so thankfully I did a day ahead of time and managed to squeeze the work in. Working from home rocks most of the time but other times it’s frustrating when people don’t understand that days off don’t really exist.

    Hope you’re having fun though. I wanna go to the beach! We’re going through PA at the moment though (YAY tethering) so time to go claim some titles on DMS.

  2. Ranee


    I wish I had half the energy you seem to have! Can you believe what some people will run around in during the summer? I honestly just started wearing shorts this year again. I was all capris before that. Now I’m like who cares if my legs are white as a cave cricket? And some of the women and their bathing suits? We saw this epidemic of little chunky white girls at the fair that had on tight tshirts and short shorts and if you could get past the mound of boobs hanging out the top then all you saw was 8 inches of belly button. I was mortified.

    I’ve always tried to be a fat person with tact you know? Enjoy the beach for those of us landlocked in Indiana!


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