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Fostering ain’t easy

Picked up a thick sheaf of school admission forms this morning.
Third foster parent training class tonight (one more to go!).
1.5 hour visitation tomorrow.
FBI fingerprinting and water testing still needs to be done.
Still need to bug our neighbor about writing a reference letter (thank you Jason and Amanda for writing yours! ♥).
A bazillion appointments between now and the start of school.
Meetings and phone calls and paperwork and emails, oh my!

But it’s all worth it, because I love my brother.

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  1. Wow. You’re so close to getting it done, which is awesome. I think it’s great that you’re doing this. Your brother is going to really appreciate that you’re putting the time and effort into making sure that he gets the best care possible.

    I enjoyed the classes, when my parents went through them. I’m confused about the water testing part. Is it a water safety class? Or do you actually have to have your water tested? I’m sure that you’ve already said and I’m just not remembering.

  2. You are an awesome sister for doing all this for your brother. I am sure he appreciates your effort!

  3. Water testing? Really? Yuck. I like how pa didn’t give a fuck about the condition puff was living under with your mom but are putting you through the ringer to proove your parental worthiness.

  4. Good luck! … Water testing? Like testing the town/well water? WEIRD!


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