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The good, the bad, and the painful

This morning’s court hearing went well. Puff’s anxieties have been alleviated, and it’s good to know that we have a set “plan” and can plan, well, plan our life, accordingly.

The one thing I hate about court is that it’s a total hurry up and wait scenario each and every time. Hurry to the court house, wait to go through the giant x-ray machine while your stuff gets sent down the conveyor belt. Hurry to the elevator, wait while the twenty people ahead of you cram themselves into the next available one like sardines. Hurry to the right floor, then wait a good hour and a half until the judge is finally ready for the case.

The other thing I hate about court is the fact that I almost always wind up with a parking ticket. Today was no exception. I put $3.00 in the meter, but since we waited over an hour for the hearing, I obviously ran over. The penalty? $15.00. And on that note, I shouldn’t even bother wasting my money with meters since they always run out, I always forget to put more in, and I almost always wind up with a ticket.

After court Puff had lunch with his biological father, we stopped at Target to pick up one of his prescriptions, and then came home to Dan and the kids, who had a productive day consisting of rearranging some stuff in the living room and finally putting up curtain holders (Dan) and playing with Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop and train tracks (Alyssa and Ryan; though wouldn’t it be funny if Dan was too?).

I came home to a letter I’ve been checking the mail for every day this week – approval of Ryan’s reinstatement of state-funded health insurance. For the record, we have private health insurance through Dan’s work, and our income far exceeds the maximum allowed for state-funded health insurance, but because Ryan is disabled (autistic) he automatically qualifies for state-funded health insurance, regardless of our income (we could be millionaires and I’d still be carrying around a Medical Assistance card for him, heh). But the only reason we have to apply for it and keep Ryan covered by it is so that his therapeutic services – therapists who work with him in the classroom and throughout the summer – can be kept. For whatever reason these agencies and providers don’t bill private insurance, even though they require us to provide that info if we do have private insurance.
Anyway, a few weeks ago the state screwed up somehow and dropped Ryan’s MA coverage, which meant his therapeutic services in the summer immediately stopped. I raised hell over the phone, filled out paperwork and sent in all of the required documentation, then this past Monday morning called the assigned caseworker and asked him very, very nicely if he could pretty please with sugar on top do his best to get Ryan’s coverage reinstated ASAP. Amazingly, this caseworker is actually decent and compassionate, because it was Monday afternoon when I spoke to him, and the approval was done sometime between then and Wednesday morning. :D So the first thing I did when I got home was call the appropriate agencies to let them know that Ryan’s MA coverage is once again active, so when he starts kindergarten next Monday morning, his therapists will be able to start with him. Whew!

Today Dan and I are taking Alyssa and Ryan to their elementary school, where we’ll meet their teachers, see their classrooms, etc. The kids are very excited, and I’m a little anxious to talk to Ryan’s teacher about his needs, about the therapists who will be working with him, etc. There’s also supposed to be a picnic (hopefully indoors since it’s been raining all day), so hopefully the food will be nutritious and filling enough to cover dinner, because I am not in the mood to cook tonight (but I will if I have to, obviously).

I’m looking forward to going to bed tonight. I’ve been dealing with super painful cramps since Monday, and wouldn’t you know I got hit with yet another attack of abdominal pain yesterday evening, during the last hour of our last foster parent training class? I took half of a Vicodin there so I’d be good enough to drive home, then took the other half as soon as I got home, and went to bed. I’ve been feeling blah and tired and achy all day today, both from general abdominal area “tenderness”, and menstrual cramps. Fun fun. It’ll be an early night for me, fo’ shizzle!

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  1. I’m glad the insurance got approved. That’s gotta be a relief!


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