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Natural House review & giveaway

Natural House Generally I clean my house with cleaning products that I know work, without leaving behind gross residue or unpleasant chemical smells. More recently I’ve gotten interested in household cleaning products that are naturally derived, so when I read about Natural House I just knew I had to give their products a whirl. Natural House’s cleaning products are made with non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents. They are suitable for cleaning up in any home or even commercial residence, but also safe enough to be used around children, pets, and those with chemical sensitivities. What really sets Natural House apart from other cleaning products is the inclusion of probiotics – natural occuring organisms that actuall eat odors and certain waste materials. The plant-based ingredients that are all of Natural House’s products are eco-friendly and non-toxic, and are also biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint. Natural House is certainly becoming well known – they recently won the Retailers’ Choice Award at this year’s National Hardware Show (source)!

The cleaning products from Natural House not only clean, but they create a miniature eco-system that provide enzymes which tackle the normal bits of dirt, dust and bacteria that typically re-populate on a recently cleaned surface. This natural environment is safe to be in your household, and effective at tackling odors, bacteria, and waste.

More about Natural House:

Natural House sent me three products to review, and I am in love with all three of them:


All three products have worked wonderfully. I’ll admit, while I’m accustomed to the strong scent of our traditional Lysol toilet cleaner, it was a refreshing change to not get smacked in the face with an overpowering chemical scent after using Flushy – and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how long our toilets have stayed clean and neutral smelling since using Flushy in place of our normal toilet cleaner. Sinky has definitely cleaned out and freshened up our kitchen garbage disposal and the drain to our other faucet. And Trashy? Love it. A household of five people, four cats and a dog tend to generate plenty of stuff for our trash cans, which do take on odors after a while. In fact, just the other day I noticed that our kitchen trash can was smelly oddly fishy. A quick rinse with water and then a few sprays with Trashy took care of that in no time flat!

Despite being a frequent, longtime user of traditional household cleanser, I’m pretty sure Natural House has me sold on using natural household cleaning products in addition to or maybe even instead of regular ones. What’s important to me when choosing a cleaning product is finding one that works. Finding one that is safer to use around small children + pets (as well as myself, and Dan too) = bonus!

Natural House Flushy at work.
Natural House Sinky at work.

You can purchase Natural House products directly on their website, or from Amazon. And don’t forget to check out Natural House on Facebook and Twitter!



One winner will be randomly selected to receive a 30-day supply of Natural House Products: Flushy, Sinky, Trashy.

Giveaway details:



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  1. Amanda


    I would love to try these products as we have recently been switching to natural cleaners and laundry products. They sound great!

  2. Maggie


    I would love to try Trashy, heck I’d love to try all of them to see how well the probiotics work! They sound like awesome products.


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