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The continuing tale of the storage unit

In April of this year, my mother and two brothers came to live with us, because my mother lost her mobile home due to foreclosure/owned payments for land rent (it was a toss-up as to who actually took control of the mobile home once Dan and I, along with Jason and some help with appliances and my mom’s bedroom furniture from a few guys at a local church, moved everything out of it). She and my brothers stayed until June 3rd, and then she and my youngest brother, Cat, went to a shelter, while my sixteen year old brother, Puff, went to a residential facility for seven weeks while Dan and I went through the process of becoming approved as foster parents.

While my mom and brothers were with us, the majority of her stuff was in a mobile storage unit (like a Pod) and a standard storage unit. But when they left, she left a small storage unit worth of crap behind: a 27″ television, a 13″ television, two computer towers, three computer monitors, four printers, an old Casio keyboard, and several garbage bags and tote bags worth of stuff. But before you go, “Jenn, you better get a storage locker dog man to watch all of those valuables”, keep in mind that the TV is one of the big honking old-fashioned ones, and the computers were brand new…in 2005.
Anyway, Dan and I got sick of this stuff cluttering up the closets in the kids’ bedroom, part of our living room and the majority of the hallway outside the kids’ bedrooms, so we rented a climate-controlled storage unit for $80/month and put all of her crap (2.5 car loads) in it. (We chose a climate-controlled unit so as not to take the risk of the electronics being damaged by the summer heat.)

That was in early June. Come late September, my mom had not bothered to pay anything on the storage unit, and the owner of the storage unit facility, D, agreed to give her/us a few extra weeks to get shit straightened out, even though she was aggravated. Come October 31st, my mom had done nothing, and D planned on auctioning everything the next day, and then sending Dan and I the bill for the cost of the unpaid storage unit rental (about $180), the cost of placing an ad in the paper ($124), and the cost of the auction process itself (about $200). So we went down there that day and paid $200 to cover the cost of the unit and a smaller, non-climate-controlled unit to move everything into.

This morning we got everything moved. It took an hour and a half, several trips between the building where the climate-controlled unit is and the building where the smaller, non-climate-controlled and much cheaper $35/mo instead of $80/mo) is. Dan was dead tired from a late night of work, and after taking one trip with a loaded up cart from the unit inside the building to my car which was parked right outside of it, I was wiped.

I just sent another email inquiring as to when we can expect reimbursement for covering the cost of the storage unit yet again (I paid the initial first month as well, which was another $80), as well as some type of convenience fee for having to move everything. If she doesn’t reply, I plan on selling all of the stuff individually. I could probably get about $75 for the 27″ TV, maybe $50 for each printer (they’re nice all-in-one printers with new ink cartridges, and one is a giant photo printer that’s worth about $250 even used), and probably $50 for each computer tower. Mind you, I don’t want to resort to selling her stuff, but her lack of paying the unit or even replying to my recent text message and email really doesn’t leave me any choice…? I refuse to be stuck with this indefinitely, or until she decides she wants it back.

Grr. I want to just move on and let go of the anger, resentment and hurt I feel over all of these situations involving my mother, but she doesn’t make it easy when she pulls shit like this.

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  1. I’d have sold it all MONTHS ago. Seriously, stop letting that woman control your life which is exaclty what she’s doing by letting you stay financially responsible for that stuff.

    Has she paid for the other storage units?

    • It just doesn’t make sense. These aren’t random items like holiday decorations or seasonal stuff; we’re talking her 27″ television, her computer and monitor, a record player, winter coats, etc. Argh. I’m giving her a week – after that, I’m going to start selling shit.

      On a related note, she’s also abandoned her grandfather clock (which my grandfather spent like $6000 on back in the 70s) here at our house — but Dan and I don’t mind much. ;)

      • Jenn- haven’t you already given her enough time and chances with this storage unit? It’s obvious she doesn’t care nor does she deserve the week.

    • I have to agree with Anna. I know you want to try and do the right thing, over and over and OVER again but you’re making excuses for a woman who clearly doesn’t care what happens to her things, personal or not. She’s using you.
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  2. I agree, I’d have sold everything months ago, and then proceeded to take her to court for the costs of everything. I hope she replies back, but my gut tells me from all the blog entries I’ve read, she won’t.
    Karyn recently blogged about: OMG just too busy!

  3. While I definitely agree about selling the stuff off – I wouldn’t sell it off *and* take her to court – you’d lose because the judge would say you got your compensation from the sale of the items. :P However, she really needs to get her act together and stop thinking she can freeload off you whenever she wants. *It still floors me that the state took Puff and gave him to you but leaves Cat with her, knowing how she acts.*
    Charity recently blogged about: Missed A Day, Don’t Care

  4. Jen


    You’re paying for the unit and have been since April (correct?); therefore, everything in there is YOURS, not your mother’s anymore. Keep what you want then sell the rest. I understand your position (soft of, meaning it’s your mother and you only have one mother), but face it, you’ve become the parent now and therefore regardless of hurt feelings or what have you, you need to make the tough decisions and move on. Your children and husband are your number one’s and think of what you could spend the money on instead (save up the $80/monthly and take a nice trip off of it next summer, or whatever). Your mother apparently doesn’t care about her stuff nor feel badly about you paying for it. So, you shouldn’t feel badly in the process, either. Good-luck. I hope everything works out for you! =)


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