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2011, 2012, and resolutions

Here’s a random meme I found. God only knows why I’m blogging at 1:41am instead of throwing myself into a hot shower, and then into a warm, cozy bed where clean sheets, a sleeping and thus even cuddlier Ryan, and my Nook, all await. *eyeroll*

1. What was the best part of 2011?
Good question. 2011 was hectic. To be honest, I’d have to say the best part of 2011 was this past month – December. Not just because of Christmas, but because of all of the quality family time that goes along with Christmas.

2. What do you look forward to in 2012?
I am looking forward to better managing my time and work deadlines. I’m also looking forward to hopefully getting this abdominal pain straightened out once and for all. It plagued me for the majority of 2011, let’s not have it drag me down for another year!

3. Do you actually keep your new years resolutions?
I try very hard to.

4. What are your top 3 resolutions for the new year?
1. Get to 160 lbs on 01/01/12 (sadly I have no idea if I’m even close, because my scale broke a week ago and I haven’t yet picked up a new one. GRRR. *insert gnashing of teeth here*)
2. Once I reach 160 lbs, push myself to drop another ten pounds so that my final weight is 150 lbs (at 150 lbs I’ll feel more comfortable with a 5ish pound fluctuation range than I would at 160).
3. Put aside $50 each week in a savings account. We need to build that sucker up!

5. Do you have any fun new years traditions or plans?
Nope! This year we’re staying home, kicking our feet up, and relaxing with the kids. I told Alyssa and Ryan that they can both stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop. Alyssa won’t be a problem – she goes like the Energizer Bunny until she finally, finally drops. Ryan will probably fall asleep beforehand, in which case I’ll wake him up in time to see the ball drop, and to actually be awake at midnight (he is absolutely fascinated with midnight and really, REALLY wants to be up at that time).

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