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Alyssa, kegel balls, Page Rank, and windows, oh my!

Do you remember the first time you walked in on your parents having sex? I do (well, it was my mom and her boyfriend; either I never walked in on my mom and my dad, or the shock was so great my brain refused to add it to my memories). And someday, Alyssa may recall the first time she walked in on Dan and I – only it wasn’t a “walked in” incident, because she was already in the bedroom with us.

..Allow me to explain, heh. It was mid-afternoon, and we thought that all three kids (Alyssa, Ryan, and my brother) were all occupied in their bedrooms doing various cold Saturday afternoon activities. Dan and I went into our bedroom to make our bed together (seriously, that’s what we really went in there to do!), and next thing I know I’m on my back with my pants down, and Dan is, er, lavishing plenty of attention on me. :love: Out of nowhere, Alyssa pops up like a jack-in-the-box next to the other side of the bed and says, “Hi!” The look on Dan’s face was priceless… I don’t think I’ve ever seen him turn as red as he was yesterday! Anyway, we booted her out (but not before she spotted one of my toys and asked what it was1), and continued where we left off.

Last night I went to bed around 1:30am, after finishing up laundry, making some no-bake cake pops, doing my nails (multi-colored flecks of glitter of various sizes in a creamy pink base, yes, it is as awesome as it sounds!), and finishing up some blogging work. I’m definitely blogging and social mediaing way too much these days – last night I dreamed that I was appraising our homes and the surrounding homes based on their Google PageRank. What the eff?!

Today I’m trying out a new set of kegel balls (before you scoff, allow me to assure you that they are quite awesome, and not only assisting with toning/pelvic floor strengthening, but their weightedness can definitely increase sexual desire, which is always a nice thing when you’re running around blazing through everyday life like a chicken with its head cut off and trying very hard not to spazz out over stressful stuff!). These are pretty high-end ones that provide feedback via vibrations of various strengths/types based on the type of muscle “reflexes” it “detects”. Did you know that you use your vaginal muscles to blow your nose? No? Me neither. But I found that out this morning. ;)

Right now I’m at a local bounce place, watching Ryan bounce himself silly while we kill time waiting for a birthday party Alyssa is attending (at a local laser tag/game place) to wrap up. I don’t mind sitting here, because not only is Ryan enjoying himself and I’m getting some mostly uninterrupted blog/work time in, it’s warm! Warm is good, especially since my car’s driver-side window decided to fall all the way down into the door this morning. I am assuming the cable or motor is messed up, because it won’t come back up. And of course this happens in the dead of winter, when I’m 8 miles away from home, have 15 more miles to go, and then have to drive those 23 miles back. At mostly highway speeds. :( As soon as I get home I’m going to hit up the magic skills of Dan and Auto Mechanic Google to hopefully fix it, even if by “fixing” we’re really just putting it back up and holding it in place with wads of cardboard (stuffed between the window and the frame) and duct tape.

So, that’s my Sunday so far. How is yours?

  1. I told her it was mine, and when she asked me again what it was, I told her I’d tell her in ten years, ha!

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  1. Omg how were you guys able to continue after that? I would have been mortified! Hope she doesn’t bother you with too many more questions :P
    Shauna recently blogged about: Alyssa’s Autism Results

  2. I would have been mortified. Gracie has walked in the room on us a time or two but we’re always under the blankets and she’s way too little to understand what is going on. Ugh, that sucks about the window. Hopefully it can get fixed so you don’t freeze when driving.
    Amanda recently blogged about: Me = 1 MD = 0

  3. I can’t even imagine how awkward that must have been. But then again, you’ve been a mom for a while now and it may not be that awkward compared to other things you have likely seen.
    Stephen recently blogged about: 20 Questions

    • I’m pretty much going to say that is the most awkward moment for a parent, lol.

  4. Nimil


    my one and only memory of walking in on my parents is still pretty fresh in my mind even though it happened when i was a small child. i was alerting them that i was sick, only to walk in and promptly barf on their floor while they jumped up and tossed on robes and shuffled me out of there as fast as they could lol
    Nimil recently blogged about: must be something in the water


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