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A recent article on Jezebel, What Guys Think About Hair Down There, got me thinking to my hair down there. Or lack thereof (unless you count the occasional bit of stubble). It also got me thinking about men and women, and pubic hair in general. Learn how to get rid of hair by becoming an esthetician. Pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity (though it’s not the only sign and obviously should not be treated as a sexual green light, since many girls can begin to produce pubic hair as early as eight or nine years of age). How a woman grooms – or doesn’t groom – her pubic hair may depend on her ethnicity/nationality, culture, religion, or just her own preferences.

What bugs me about pubic hair is how quickly people, men in particular, are so quick to chime in on what they think others should do with it. As if their own opinion should suddenly be dictated to others and given 100% validity. I think what bugs me the most is when guys are all, “Ew, pubic hair, nasty!” But then I’m also bugged when guys and chicks bitch that women who shave are trying to look like little girls.

Newsflash: I shave. I’ve been shaving since I was 19 years old. I don’t shave because pubic hair is gross, and I certainly don’t shave to indulge a little girl fetish for either Dan or myself. I shave because I like close-as-possible contact during sex, because of hygiene issues during my menstrual period (any bush-sporting chick who tells you her period never interferes with the cleanliness of her pubic hair is lying), and because I like the feel of silky-smooth skin. I don’t shave because pubic hair is gross, or because my massive bush (not really) got in the way of my zippers, or because Dan wants me to.

Speaking of which. Hey guys? If you’re going to give women a bunch of shit over the presence of pubic hair, you better pull down your own undies and grab a razor. Your pubic hair can “get in the way” and “tickle” and “irritate” and “smell” just as womens’ pubic hair can. You know what’s not pleasant? Getting a pubic hair stuck in your throat during a blowjob. Yup – been there, done that. A long time ago, fortunately, because not long after I began shaving, Dan did too, for the same reasons I did (minus the period, heh).

In the end, I really don’t care who does what with their pubic hair. But please stop with the anti-hair propaganda. Proper hygiene is all you need, if you choose to keep yours. :)

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  1. A little girl fetish? What the heck? I have never heard that before. We both shave for the exact same reasons as you. :P
    Caitlin recently blogged about: Pass the sunblock!

    • Gross, right? There are some people – women, mainly – who accuse women who shave and men who prefer women to shave for doing it just so they’ll look and feel like little girls. *gag*

  2. I hate the look of full bush. It’s natural, sure but it’s like an unkempt beard to me. Makes you look like you belong in a cave some where lol. But that’s my take on it.

    I’ve pretty much shaved/trimmed since I started growing hair. For me it’s worth the time to groom and I’ve always expected my partners to do the same too.
    Keeshia recently blogged about: Just Dance: 7 day challenge

  3. I used to shave regularly. But one day, I got razor bumps and ingrown hairs and OH MY GOD. I never shaved everything again. I do trim.
    Ronni recently blogged about: I’m Back, Plus a Giveaway!

  4. I used to use the “prepubescent girl” argument when anyone would try and make me feel bad about not shaving/waxing, but I realised that I was being just as stupid as they were being. I don’t care if anyone shaves/waxes. That’s their business.

    I don’t shave or wax because I have pretty serious issues with sensitive skin and ingrown hair, so now I just trim and pull out the loose bits every time I shower. That’s my business. I’ve had no complaints about it either. :)

  5. I think some people are taking the entirely wrong approach to their opinion about pubic hair and maybe thinking about the porn star industry or something. There was this huge hubbub a couple of years ago about removing all hair in the pubic region being popular among those who posed for Playboy, and some people thinking it was – as you said – an attempt to look like a little girl. I think that’s ridiculous. (And whoever thinks that – who the heck even has a sick thought like that?) People should be comfortable to shave for whatever reasons they want to and I completely understand and see how it makes sex better to have as little hair down there as possible.

    I do find pubic hair a bit annoying and I keep it short because I also know how it feels to have it make your period 948326 times worse. It’s also more comfortable being more bare down there!
    Georgina recently blogged about: Handy dandy notebook

  6. I shave for the same reasons as you and Greg does for the same reason as Dan. I don’t think pubic hair is gross, but I am uncomfortable going to the OB/GYN looking wild down there. I also think that shaving makes certain features pop… just like shaving the hair on a face or head ;-).
    Sheena recently blogged about: The Recipe to Conceiving a Girl

  7. I always shave down there. Feels better. I like men who are shaved as well. I don’t need hair in my mouth! heheh :) (this is Danielle, this is my new domain name. Just so you know)

  8. I shave because its more comfortable. I hate how the hairs get stuck in my underwear elastic sometimes. So yea, I shave because of that. And OMG, hair stuck in my throat during a BJ worst time ever. I’m so thankful my boyfriend keeps his junk shaved and I don’t have to relive that experience. xD
    Kerri recently blogged about: Finally Friday.

  9. I used to shave. I preferred how it felt and I honestly felt cleaner. Then I got with my husband and he doesn’t do anything of the sort. The result for me was a severe rash caused by irritation from him having hair and me not.

    Needless to say, I’m all natural now, but I miss being shaved. But being full grown down there would make it such a hassle to get shaven again!
    Jo recently blogged about: Living with Bipolar: Lack of Meds


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