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Tacos, friends, and sproglets

Three day weekends are annoying. Yesterday was Monday, but it felt like Sunday to me, since the kids didn’t have school. In addition to having Alyssa and Ryan underfoot all day long (thus making any attempts at getting any real work done completely laughable), Sophie, Amanda’s sproglet, was with us too.

Which takes me back to Sunday – tacos, friends, and sproglets, oh my! Amanda and Sophie arrived around 3, bearing gifts in the form of corn bread mix, creamed corn, and sour cream (mix + creamed corn + sour cream + milk = best cornbread EVAH!1. Jason arrived a little while after, and we all settled in with tacos, tortilla chips and salsa, super-yummy brownies (mix + cream cheese + vanilla extract = best brownies EVAH!) and watched TV and babbled about whatever, while the three kidlets played, and Leah soaked up plenty of attention from all of us.


Amanda is here! Yay!

Jason is here! :)

DSC_7282 DSC_7285


Amanda left around 8 or so, and after getting the kids settled down (and coaxing Sophie into climbing up the ladder to Alyssa’s 72″ loft bed2, I laid down on the sofa with the intent to watch a little TV with the guys and read some of an Allure magazine. Instead, I fell asleep. And apparently half-squished Leah, who was loving every suffocating moment of being so close to her mistress (seriously, this dog’s favorite pastime is being as close to me as possible).

Yesterday was a blur of kid stuff. Breakfast, video games, games, setting up Tangled on Alyssa’s iPad for Sophie, making lunch (and on a whim, cleaning out and organizing my fridge3, making cake pops (delicious but messy), handing out snacks and juices, bathing Ryan4, tie-dying a shirt (Sophie), undershirt (Ryan), and pants (Alyssa), bathing tie-dyed kids, and finally, gathering up Sophie and her strewn-about belongings and taking her back to Amanda.

Yes, my son plays Othello in his underwear. What of it?




365 Days: 051/365

DSC_7408 DSC_7425

So. Today is my Monday. Here’s to hoping I can make it productive!

  1. Pay no attention to the fact that I forgot the butter…
  2. See Amanda? I talked your kid onto a roller coaster, AND a bunk bed!
  3. God bless the person who invented rearrangeable refrigerator shelving!
  4. what kind of kid gets grass and mud in his hair in February? My kind of kid, apparently.

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  1. I need recipe for this cornbread and these brownies!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! I’m actually looking forward to stuff like that with Rydia…okay, maybe not the tie-dying since that can be a mess with kids, but playdates and all that, can’t wait. xD
    Nat Marie recently blogged about: The stuff they make…

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! And because of this post, I bought stuff for tacos last night, lol. I’ll probably get my creamy fix from avocados, but I’m cheating with corn tortillas.
    Sheena recently blogged about: Brush. Floss. Rinse.


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