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Meet Gldd.



As in Good Luck Don’t Die. Pronounced Glid. I thought it was an apt choice, considering both Terabyte #1 and Terabyte #2 both died within 48 hours of being brought home from the pet store and very, very carefully acclimated and introduced to their already-set-up, perfectly-treated, perfectly-temped tanks. I’m chalking their deaths up to “bad” fish, since both Bettas came from the same store, and some of the other Bettas there didn’t look all too healthy (which is why I passed them up in favor of Terabyte #1 and Terabyte #2).

So far Gldd has been doing well – he wasn’t my first choice (from Petco), but when I walked over to check him out he started swishing at me, and has seemed very interested and inquisitive as to the goings-on around him. Plus he is really freaking cute. He is a Plakat Betta, and has more rounded features than the other Bettas (he’s like the Persian cat of Bettas – just as Persian cats are more stocky and rounded than their slinky, angular, pointy domestic shorthair counterparts, the Plakats seem to be more rounded and stocky). Since I brought him home, Gldd has been busy exploring his tank, ate the two small pellets I gave him earlier, and even flared at me a little bit. Heh. I hope that’s a good sign?

I really, really, really hope that the third time’s the charm, and Gldd does just fine. I hate the hassle of tearing down a tank, carefully cleaning and thoroughly rinsing everything, and then setting it all up again; but even more I hate having fish (even though they’re “just” fish) die on me!

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  1. I WAS going to ask if they are from the same store. I mean, they obviously replaced at least Terabyte #1 for you (right?) so they did the best they could do business-wise but pet owner-wise, I’d talk to the headquarters and let them know that they don’t take very good care of their fish. Yes, it’s “just” a fish but then dying still breaks a heart. Especially, when you have 2 small children in the house.

    I wandered into the “pet” section of Walmart and couldn’t tell you the amount of dead fish I saw floating in the tanks with the live ones. Ugh. Turned around and walked away.
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  2. I hope Gldd does well! I have heard that Beta’s can sometimes be really hard to care for (temp regulated tanks, etc etc). I avoid buying Beta’s for that very reason. Heck, fish in general I stay clear of because I don’t want my kitties getting into the tank and eating them.
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