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Fifth row.

A little over a year ago, I bought a studded belt. Well, it’s not exactly studded, but “grommetted”. There’s a double row of grommets every inch and a half or so. Here’s exactly what the belt looks like (I think I purchased mine at Kmart, of all places):

grommet belt

When I first bought the belt, I was able to fasten it on the second to last set of grommets – so almost as loose as I could go. Now I’m on the fifth. I’m moving on up, in a good way. It’s nice to have the belt to “measure” myself by, because stupid me never bothered to do before measurements. Argh! I really wish I did. I’d love to know my “before” measurements of my upper arms, upper thighs, neck, bust (though I do kind of know that – 46G to 36D), waist, hips, etc. I guess I would have known if I went to buy a plus size bridesmaid dress or other “specialty” dress. But since I wore mainly jeans and loose-fitting shirts, I didn’t have to worry about specific areas of the body and their measurements. But enough of that. You know what’s also nice? Not having to buy a new belt every time I drop 1-2 pants sizes! This belt will be with me a long time, since there are grommets along the entire length of it (and also because I only want to drop another ten pounds or so).


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