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Dan’s surprise 30th birthday party

Thanks to Jason and Amanda, we had a nice little birthday party for Dan. Amanda and Sophie arrived on Saturday afternoon around 3, under the pretense of Amanda and I playing hairdressers with the kids (this wasn’t entirely untrue – I did refresh Ryan’s lime-green hair, dyed a streak of Sophie’s brown hair hot pink, and refreshed Alyssa’s hot pink hair today). While she kept sodas and a meat and cheese tray hidden in her car, I ran out under the pretense of picking up hair dye and cat litter, and came back with a birthday cake hidden in my car. Bwahahaha.

Meanwhile, Dan went out to dinner with Jason, while I set up food and drinks, Amanda and I wrangled kids and fed them a quick and definitely not nutritious dinner (Chef Boyardee and Capri Sun), and we did the hair stuff with Sophie and Ryan. Guests arrived – Dan’s sister M and her roommate M and their friend + Frankie the goldfish (their present for Dan), and Dan’s aunt and uncle N and T. Jason texted to let us know Dan was on his way back, and that he was following a few minutes behind. They wound up taking different routes, and Jason got here first. Then Dan walked in, and despite my car not being in the driveway (to make room for other cars), he really was surprised. Yay! Mission accomplished! ♥










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  1. Happy birthday to Dan! I’m glad your surprise wasn’t spoiled :) Kinda funny that he walked by all the cars and didn’t question it!
    Michelle recently blogged about: New chapter starts now!


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