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Somewhere over the rainbow…

I’m tired.

I’m crampy (I took 5mg of Flexeril to counteract that).

I feel jittery (most likely from the half of a caffeine pill I took to counteract the drowsiness that the Flexeril causes).

Tampons suck.

Minerva sucks for chewing the little grippy stick thingy off the bottom of my Diva Cup. It’s still functional, but the lack of grippy stick thingy makes it a little trickier to grab onto, obviously.

One of the hamsters got out this morning (found her and coaxed her out with carrots – she ran into Ryan’s closet).

My brother calls a bazillion times a day on the weekends, and anymore I dread talking to him (and I hate that I feel that way, because I love him and do enjoy talking to him), because he always brings up our mother, and with everything that has gone on, the last person I want to talk about or even think about is my mother. I’ve told him this many times, but he just doesn’t get it, or doesn’t want to get it. Now he’s vacillating between scolding me for shutting her out of my life (though he had nothing to say when I pointed out that this same woman he wants to defend and scold me for keeping out of my life is the same woman who recently threatened my children’s well-being by threatening CPS involvement based on false accusations), and admitting that he may do better without her himself. I feel bad for him. The position he’s in sucks, and anyone who makes him feel or puts him in a position where he feels like he’s in the middle sucks. I keep telling him to do what he needs to do to learn independent living skills and do the best he can in life — and in my opinion, that’s staying where he is at (when he turns 18 he can legally leave, or choose to stay put) and taking advantage of the many school and work opportunities that will be provided to him. He wouldn’t get those with her, or even with us.

On a happier note, yesterday I took some spontaneous shots of the sky both right before and right after a fast-moving storm, and the results were pretty nice, if I do say so myself:

Project 365: 208/365

How is your Sunday going?

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