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Product review: Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars

Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars Rickland Orchards was one of many brands that was present at BlogHer ’12, but they were one of the ones that stuck out in my mind because they were promoting their Greek yogurt products. If you’re a post-op gastric bypass patient that’s reading this, then you’ve no doubt perked up a bit: Greek yogurt, after all, is an excellent source of protein, especially because it provides even more protein than the standard kind of yogurt does.

Rickland Orchards kindly loaded me up with one of each flavor of their Greek yogurt bars: apple & honey, blueberry acai, cherri almond, cranberry almond, orchard peach, and toasted coconut. I gave a few to my friend Amanda, who had gastric bypass surgery last month, and the rest I stashed in my house, in my purse, and in my car. Each bar is nutritious, containing 7g of protein (not bad for a non-perishable, travel-friendly food!) and 5g of fiber. The sugar content isn’t too bad, either, which each bar containing between 7g and 12g of sugar.

Rickland Orchard Greek Yogurt Bars

The bars themselves? Delicious. They’re crunchy, yet soft and gooey enough to be enjoyable by people with all texture preferences – you don’t have to really crunch down on them and chew hard like so many granola/protein bars require you to do, yet there’s still a satisfying crunch. And the inclusion of the delicious Greek yogurt, which coats and is also throughout each bar, is awesome as far as protein and taste goes. If you’re a post-op who is looking for non-perishable, delicious snack/travel-friendly options, definitely consider trying Rickland Orchards Greek yogurt bars. You can buy them at for $1.79 per bar, or get them in packs of 12 or 48 in order to save more with a bulk purchase.

Rating: ★★★★★

Disclosure: Rickland Orchards provided me with complimentary products.

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