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“Because I’m here to wipe your eyes”

So, yesterday was our eighth wedding anniversary. Is it weird that we usually don’t do anything super special for our anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day? We’ve been married for eight years now, and together for twelve – we don’t make the Huge Freaking Deal out of special occasions like we used to. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other to pieces and spend time every day telling each other how much we love each other to pieces. ♥

Anyway, we hadn’t given much thought to our anniversary and making plans for it, other than to wish each other a Happy Anniversary (and to plan on having wedding anniversary sex!) until Jason texted me and asked if we wanted a babysitter for Alyssa and Ryan so we could go out. So we did. :) Thanks, Jason! Dan and I went to a semi-local restaurant that I’d never heard of but turned out to be really good. Filet mignon for the win. Even more for the win? A buy-one-entree-get-one-FREE coupon. A lot of the time I’ll just swipe some food from Dan’s plate, but since the coupon was available (which Jason told us about – thanks again!), I went ahead and ordered the filet mignon and crab cake entree. It was delicious.

Sadly, it didn’t agree with me. After leaving the restaurant we stopped at a nearby pet store to check out prices on a few things, and the first thing I did was make a beeline for the bathroom. Thankfully, it was empty. I hate throwing up around other people, because I know vomiting is gross to hear/know about, so I don’t want to gross other people out and/or have them worry that I have something contagious. :/ And on the stopping-at-the-pet-store note: can you believe my mother was there? We pull into the parking lot and whose car do we see in one of the handicapped spots? Hers. I recognized the license plate #, so I knew it was hers. Dan and I had no interest in confrontation (I just deleted some snarky comments that included the words “tip” and “jar” – again, NO CONFRONTATION, self. *smacks hand* Bad Jenn!), so we ducked in and went down a side aisle so she and my brother wouldn’t see us. Pussies? No. Doing our best to minimize the stress in our lives? Abso-freaking-lutely.

And on that note, you know what’s somewhat stressful? These visits with my brother. We had one last Saturday – I picked him up at 9am, and returned him at 9pm. I love him and enjoy catching up with him and springing him from his boarding school for a couple of hours, but the all day visits are somewhat stressful, and somewhat tiring. Tiring because the drive to his school is an hour – so it’s an hour there and back in the morning, and then again in the evening. And stressful because he’s always got a complaint or a whine about why life is so unfair, why it sucks that he’s got to put up with the consequences of his actions or lack thereof, blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong: I feel for him, and it sucks that he’s in this situation. But he says and does things that make his situation a lot crappier than it has to be. And it’s the results of those actions that I have absolutely no sympathy for, and the subsequent whining and complaining that I do not want to hear about.
And then he brings up our mother. And while I would never make him “choose” between her or myself, I have asked him repeatedly to not talk about her. I don’t care what she says about me, or about Dan, except if she is saying or doing something threatening — in which case, I’m all ears. But otherwise, if it’s just her usual criticisms and half-lies or full-blown lies and insults? I don’t want to hear it. I’ve heard plenty of it in the past, thank you very much.

Sunday was only slightly less exhausting than Saturday, but it was less stressful. It was also spent with family, only this time with Dan’s – I got a text from his aunt and uncle asking if we could come over. We love his aunt and uncle, and their dogs, so of course we said yes. :) We spent the entire day with them, arriving a little before 1 and leaving around 7:30. It somehow always works out like that. Dan helped his uncle with some outside stuff while his aunt and I hung out with the kids and the dogs. The six of us (his aunt, myself, the kids, and the dogs) went to a dog park for a bit in the afternoon, then came back in time for his aunt to start dinner (chicken pot pie!), which I cleaned up after since she was nice enough to have us over and cook dinner for us. :)

Some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

Rays of sun coming through the clouds. I’ve been wanting to get a picture of these every time I see them, and this last time I finally had my camera with me and was able to safely pull over!

This is what tiny 2″ feeder goldfish turn into if they not only live, but thrive. That’s a 1 gallon sized Ziploc bag, people. The fish – renamed from “Noggy” (Ryan’s choice) to “Jaws” when he started rising up out of the water at feeding time – is now living in Dan’s aunt’s and uncle’s pond with their other large goldfish and koi.

Alyssa loves big dogs just as much as she loves little dogs.

Ryan loves the swing in Dan’s aunt’s and uncle’s backyard (aside: why is “backyard” one word but “frontyard” is two?)


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  1. We rarely make a fuss about that kind of stuff either. We plan on having a night to ourselves for our 1 year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks. I feel like a bad mom for leaving my (then) 6 week old with my mother overnight, but I feel like we need us time.
    Ashley recently blogged about: His cheeks make my ovaries twitch


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