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My experienced-based tips for taking in a stray cat

I unfortunately live in an area where cats in particular are treating as discardable things. I’ve dealt firsthand with strays and their resulting sick and dying kittens, and it never ceases to be heartbreaking as well as maddening. The most recent stray that Dan and I have stepped up to help, by taking him into our household, is Felix. We’re not sure of his age, but based on neighbors’ “sightings” and such we’re estimating that he’s at least 8-10 years of age, if not older.

Taking in a stray cat isn’t easy, especially if it’s an older cat and not a kitten; and especially especially so if you already have cats. Cats never take well to newcomers, especially newcomers who aren’t kittens and thus not worth the effort to get bent out of shape over. But with time and patience, a new cat can be successfully added to a brood – in our case, Felix makes the sixth (Alcide is a stray we took in this past July).

Some tips:

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