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Three year surgiversary

Today is my three year anniversary since having gastric bypass surgery. This time three years ago I weighed 286.6 lbs, though when I started my surgical weight loss journey a year and a half prior to that, I was over 330 lbs; and when I got back on the “band wagon” in March of 2009, I was still in the 330s.

This morning, in my typical post-op life, I started out my day by going to the bathroom, then weighing myself — yes, even before brushing my teeth. 160.2 lbs. Considering I’m in the midst of PMS and am due for my period in a couple of days, I’ll happily take that. :)

Then, I took my morning vitamins — the first of four batches of vitamins I take daily.

After that, I had 25g worth of protein via a protein shake.

A couple of hours after that, I had 40g worth of protein via a protein shake.

And for dinner, I had about 8-10g worth of protein via a few bites of chicken. Later this evening I’ll have another protein shake, with about 15g worth of protein, just to make sure that I hit my personal goal of a minimum of 80g per protein per day.

No regrets, no remorse, though I still don’t like the taste of protein shakes (and probably never will). :)

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  1. when i was working we carried several protein shakes that were more like “kool-aid”. they look like the “sport drinks” but just have protein not carbs. they’re not cheap but, not chalky either.

  2. I like the Body Fortress Peanut Butter Chocolate shake. It takes like a Reese Cup. I got used to the taste of protein shakes before the surgery so now its not bad. I actually crave them when I get low on my daily intake. Weird I know.
    Karyn recently blogged about: What they don’t tell you about post #gastricbypass


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