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Goodbye, 160s.

I’ve finally hit the 150s. Last Saturday I weighed in at 159.6. Last Sunday, the same. Monday, I went up a bit: 159.8. Then, on Tuesday: 158. But still, I refused to celebrate being out of the 160s, because I know how this weight loss thing goes: you get under a certain number (200, 190, 180, 170, etc.), only to gain a pound or two in water weight, and even though your logical side knows that it’s temporary, that you’ll lose it and perhaps then some, it’s still a downer.

But it’s now Saturday, and all week I’ve been consistent. On Wednesday I was 159, on Thursday I was 159.4 (so close, eek!), on Friday I was back down to 158, and then today I was 158.4. So with that said, barring a sudden “spike”, I think I can safely say goodbye to the 160s. :)

Once I hit 150, I’ll be satisfied.


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