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Stitches & needle

I took Ryan to the doctor this morning to have his stitches removed, and for him to get his Hepatitis A vaccination booster. He was due for this about a week ago, but I didn’t think it was appropriate timing to bring this up while the very nice urgent care doctor was sewing his head back together. Ryan was a little nervous about having stitches removed, and the doctor using not one but two pairs of blunt scissors, thus tugging unnecessarily on the stitches without actually cutting them, didn’t help things. But he finally retrieved a pair of ultra-thin, ultra-sharp, ultra-precise scissors, and within a matter of minutes had cut and removed the sutures — and only the removal of one seemed to bother Ryan.

Then it was time for the vaccination. I didn’t drop the S word until then because there was no point in having Ryan flip out any sooner than necessary. I explained why he was getting a shot and that it would be very quick, but he was convinced that it would be just as painful as the numbing shots he received before and during last week’s suturing procedure. So, the nurse brought in a second nurse, and she held his legs while I held his arms against his chest, and Ryan freaked out while the other nurse administered the vaccination.

The funny part? Ryan got a weird look on his face and asked, “That’s it?” when he heard/felt the nurse applying an adhesive bandage to his thigh. He told me he thought it would going to hurt a lot worse than it did, and actually looked sheepish for throwing such a fit beforehand. Heh. Maybe next year he’ll be able to do shots the “big kid” way — i.e. sitting and just holding my hand while the nurse administers them in his upper arm. But if not, maybe he’ll at least be a little calmer. I know shots aren’t fun, but they’re a necessary thing, and like he found out himself, they’re not that bad!

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