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Gimpy, take two

Yesterday afternoon I kind of laughed at Dan when he broke his most beloved coffee mug, the only mug he’ll use for his frequent indulgence in hot tea, despite us having nearly a dozen other perfectly functioning mugs that my brother’s Keurig brewer and Lipton’s tea bags work just fine with. He’ll dig it out of the dishwasher or from the pile of dirty dishes in the sink in order to use it, even though he’ll spend twice as much time retrieving and washing it than he would just grabbing another mug. OCT/autistic much?

Well, the Autism Mug exacted its revenge on its owners behalf on me last night: despite the mug breaking in the middle of the afternoon, the kitchen floor being swept twice, and Dan and the kids traipsing back and forth all over said kitchen floor, I had the pleasure of knowing what it feels like to have a very sharp chunk of ceramic mug wedge itself into the bottom of your foot. It hurt like crazy, I had to use a bit of effort to yank that chunk of ceramic back out of my foot, I bled all over the floor and our bedroom carpet, and now today, 16 hours later, my foot is super tender/sore/swollen. So, I’m doing my best to stay off of it, and just kind of hobbling/hopping around when I do have to move about.

Well played, Autism Mug. Your owner has been avenged.

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  1. I feel dan’s pain. I have a MUCH LOVED mug that I drink tea out of… it has the perfect water to tea ratio. It’s cracked down the side. We also own more mugs but I like my snoopy mug the best :P
    Amanda recently blogged about: Office Christmas Party

  2. BY THE WAY, Jenn… I have slept with you and touched your butt, so why do my comments still await moderation EVERY TIME??? :P
    Amanda recently blogged about: Office Christmas Party

  3. Jamma


    It’s really pathetic that you commented on Heather (@dooce) Armstrong’s photo of Marlo sleeping in her carseat telling her that she’s doing it wrong. Really? You have a blog with about 4 readers, which makes sense as your writing is neither entertaining nor particularly unique or special. And, based on your Instagram photos, you’re feeding your children formulas and packaged foods containing GMOs, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrups. You’re not the perfect parent either. Just stop. It’s really pathetic.

    • I’m flattered that you took the time to look up my blog via my Instagram profile, then come and comment. I’ve been reading for years, and have been following her Instagram feed for months. I left the comment I did about the safety issues concerning the low-positioned chest clip out of legitimate concern — not to be snarky or to parade myself as a perfect or near-perfect parent, neither of which I am, nor claim to be. And, last time I checked, GMOs and high fructose corn syrup do not lead to children dying in car accidents, but improperly used car seats do.

    • I find it amusing that rather then e-mail Jenn you’re leaving an irrelevant comment on her blog.

      I also find it amusing that Dooce was not concerned or offended. She left a polite “thank you” message to Jenn on Instagram. Apparently Dooce was not offended by Jenn’s comment, yet someone who has no business being butthurt by a safety comment feels the need to be a nasty harpy trying to defend the honor of their idol who clearly did not need defending.
      Dez recently blogged about: Strays and Greed

  4. Once any kind of object has shattered on the floor, shoes are required for walking for the rest of eternity.
    Stephen recently blogged about: Weird things.

  5. I have to agree with Stephen. As soon as something breaks I immediately tell everyone where it happened and tell the kids to get shoes on. Of course, I’m always the one to step on the glass after a week of profuse vacuuming, sweeping, wiping wet paper towels over it. You can’t really do anything to prevent it. lol

    I hope it’s feeling better today. :)
    Randi recently blogged about: It’s the little things

  6. :( gosh getting that peice in your foot sounded like a bitch to deal with! hope it heals soon! i feel some of your pain though jenn, last night i ended up with ice on my knee … tripped over one of the dogs and landed awkwardly on the floor with my knee, ouch! feel better!!!


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