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Life with six cats

Blueboy Kirin Fritzy

Minerva Alcide Felix

Honestly, we never set out to be a 6-cat household. But on the flip side, once you have 2-3 cats, adding 1-2 (or in our case, gradually, 3) more isn’t that big of a deal in terms of work. You just buy supplies a little more often, and definitely check food/water levels and scoop litter more often. In our case, with me working from home, and Dan being at home, we can take care of, keep after, and provide plenty of attention to all six cats — and fortunately they don’t jump us all at once for attention (though there are days where 1-2 of them will follow us around all day long, never satisfied with all of the pets and loves we bestow upon them).

On the supply end of things, we have two large litter boxes, one in each bathroom, and we scoop each one 4-5 times per day (first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and in-between as needed/during bathroom check-ins & drive-bys). For food, we have a Petmate Cafe Dog Feeder Dish, but honestly, when you’re talking a capacity of 12 lbs, it ceases to be a dish. It’s a trough, and I refer to it as such (and while I’m being honest: since buying the 12 lb feeder we’ve since added two more cats to our household, so I’m tempted to find a bigger model – 16 or 20 lb capacity, maybe?).

The only time things get a little hectic is when I set out the cats’ once-weekly canned food treat. We have six separate bowls, and while the cats ignore just the sound of a can being opened (though they’ll glance into the kitchen to see if it looks/smells like their food), or just the sound of me pulling out their bowls (because I sometimes have to move them out of the way in the cabinet in order to get to other things), or just the sound of me opening the drawer to retrieve a spoon; when I do all three, or even just two, it’s a total cat swarm. And we always have to separate Fritzy, because he gets positively feral when it comes to canned food, wolfing down his as fast as possible in order to go after the other cats’ dishes.

Oh, and when we go to bed at night? There’s usually no more than two cats on the bed, and all but Blueboy will move for us, but since Felix sleeps under our bed, it’s sometimes a thought-required, coordinated effort to clear out the room if we want some cat-free sexy and/or sleep time. Haha.

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