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‘Tis the night before Christmas.

‘Tis the night before Christmas, and all through the house, there’s things a-stirring, but thankfully no mouse. In less than 45 minutes than midnight, which means that in about seven, maybe eight hours from now, Dan and I will be bounding out of bed to enjoy the explosion of Christmas all over our living room.

I swear, every Christmas season gets a little busier. Last Thursday evening Dan and I took the kids to Boy Scouts, where they (yes, they – because it’s a special-needs troop and such a small troop, Alyssa is an unofficial member) participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange. On Friday and Saturday Dan and I dragged the kids to kingdom come and back again in order to finish up our Christmas shopping, and to help Amanda with finishing up the cleaning out of her old house. Yesterday we went to a housewarming/Christmas party at Dan’s youngest brother’s & his wife’s house, where we enjoyed family, food, gift exchanging; and later, after everyone but Dan and I and Jason had left, a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. Then, today, after a neighbor stopped by with some treats, Dan’s youngest brother & his wife and Jason came over to have Christmas Eve dinner with us.

And now, ’tis the night before Christmas, and the kids are worn out after a fun, exciting day (this is the second year we employed our tradition of letting the kids open their stockings on Christmas Eve, so they had new toys to play with and chocolate to nom on) and sleeping soundly. The house is clean, the gifts are ready, my tripod, digital video camera, and DSLR camera are set up and ready for the morning, and cookies and carrots await Santa and his reindeer.

Christmas: we're ready! #christmas
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It's snowing! White Christmas? #snow
Milk, cookies, and a garlic knot for Santa Claus, and a carrot and celery for his reindeer. #christmaseve #christmas

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Varra


    I love the idea of leaving the reindeer’s food. I swear one year when my nephew was the only kid Santa (who was played by my father) got cookies and a beer. My dad still says best Christmas ever. Merry Christmas to you guys have fun.
    Varra recently blogged about: Crochet Hard

  2. I am so jealous! It’s 4am on Christmas and I’m still wide awake wrapping presents. Well, I should be wrapping presents, but I’m taking a break because I’m ready to strangle someone with curling ribbon. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!
    Cori recently blogged about: A Visit to Durham

  3. I’ve been getting all of my friends addicted to Cards Against Humanity this holiday season. We spent last night gathered around our friend’s coffee table playing that and rolling on the floor laughing!
    nikkiana recently blogged about: Time to Relax

  4. I have heard about Cards Against Humanity and have never gotten a chance to play it. Apparently it’s quite the game, haha. I’ll have to try and rouse up a round of it whenever I have another get together.

    Your tree is gorgeous by the way! It looks like sparkly and fun!
    Christine recently blogged about: A note for my very much loved readers!

  5. I wasn’t much in the Christmas spirit this year. It came upon me way too fast and I wasn’t ready. I’m hoping next year will be better. You, however, always seem to be ready and well prepared for the Holiday season, which makes me so freakin’ jealous!
    Manda recently blogged about: Christmas is Over, Let the New Year Begin


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