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{Pet showcase} Alcide

Alcide is our newest addition, and by newest, I mean he has been with us for only six or so months. Alcide is a run of the mill tabby cat, a young one – probably somewhere between 10 months and a year and a half of age – that waltzed right up to my husband outside one evening and rubbed himself all over his legs. Dan mistook Alcide for Minerva (they’re both tabby cats, and both very similarly colored, though Alcide’s coloring is more brown, while Minerva’s coloring is more gray), and picked him up and made to bring him inside. It wasn’t until he reached our front door that he realized his mistake.

In any case, because Alcide was a stray, and most definitely un-owned and not being looked after any more than a few nice neighbors putting out water for him and other strays, Dan gave me puppy-dog eyes, along with Alyssa, and now Alcide is a part of our brood. Dan even tossed my own words back in my face: “You said yourself that it’s not a big of a deal to add one more when you already have several”. Pfft. I agreed that we could keep him, but under one condition: I chose the name. And yes, I picked Alcide based on my love lust affair for Alcide from True Blood. ;)

Our cats have handled his presence well. I think what helped was keeping Alcide isolated in Alyssa’s bedroom for several days – this way they could hear and smell him, but weren’t forced to have him immediately thrust right in their faces, you know?

Alcide is a total sweetheart – very loving. I wouldn’t go so far as to label him a lap cat, though he definitely likes laps, and enjoys nuzzling and purring and marking all of the humans around him.

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