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So that was Christmas.

(FYI: This will be a very photo-heavy entry!)

Last minute Christmas-related errands + several parties + busy Christmas + getting my period two days before Christmas = lack of blogging. Oops. In any case, period and the bouts of intestinal pain (exactly like what I was getting before I had my two small bowel resections last year… they’ve been plaguing me almost daily since the 21st :depressed: ) aside, I had a really nice Christmas.

Shockingly, Alyssa and Ryan slept until almost 8:30am on Christmas morning! Considering that last year we were up before the sun was, we were impressed – and grateful for the extra sleep. They went and brushed their teeth and hair while Dan and I took care of the first-thing-in-the-morning necessities, and then we all met in the living room, and CHRISTMAS MORNING! commenced.

Christmas morning aftermath.

As has become our Christmas Day tradition, after everything was unwrapped (Dan and I opened our gifts after the kids opened theirs: I gave Dan a Sephora cologne sampler set, a new stereo for his car, and Hot Booties slippers, plus a wireless headset for his PS3 that he opened on 12/12/12; and Dan gave me a bunch of lotions from Victoria’s Secret, a Viva La Juicy lotion and perfume set, a hot pink leather case/cover for the Nook SimpleTouch Glowlight that Jason gave me for Christmas, and a sexy pair of knee high black leather boots, complete with adjustable buckles on the sides), the toys all set up, and everything cleaned up, the kids grabbed a few of their new toys and headed off to their bedroom to play, and Dan and I headed off to our bedroom to grab a quick nap.

For Christmas dinner, we went to Dan’s aunt’s and uncle’s house, where more presents were exchanged, and a delicious dinner (ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, rolls, homemade bread that I brought, plus two kinds of cake) was enjoyed. Dan’s brother, K, and his wife (who’s pregnant and due in April, squee!), L, were also there.

Courtesy of Dan: sexy new boots!
My Christmas haul (not shown: $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card, $20 Target gift card, $25 cash)

We got home around 9:30 or so, spent a while putting things away, then sent the kids to bed, and went to bed ourselves shortly after. I don’t know what it is about Christmas as an adult, but whew it’s exhausting. Maybe it’s the parenting aspect? :lol:

On Wednesday, Mother Nature gifted us with a few inches of wet slush, which came in the form of snow, rain, and sleet — all at the same time. It was weird. Nevertheless, we ventured out for a few grocery items, and to drop off Christmas presents to Dan’s other brother, C, and his girlfriend B. We also picked up fuses for Dan’s finicky car (I swear that thing needs an exorcism) so that Dan could finish installing his new car stereo, and fix the fuses that blew during the process – along with the fuses that blew for the cigarette lighter and secondary charging port. :ohyes:

On Thursday, we went to Dan’s grandparents’ house, where we enjoyed a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with his grandparents, two more sets of aunts and uncles, plus another aunt, and, let’s see… four cousins. Whew. One thing about Dan’s family, on both sides: they multiply!


Yesterday was a nice, lazy day, made even more lazier by the medication I took to alleviate some of the pain caused by my intestines…again. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m hoping it’s nothing more than my super-sensitive small intestines reacting to some digestive upset earlier this week, and the general craze of the holidays. Considering that I’m insurance-less at the moment, I can’t see my doctor, or, god forbid, see my bariatric surgeon to discuss what’s going on.
I did wind up going out yesterday evening, but just to Target to use a gift card for some noms for us and noms for Dash, and then to my P.O. box to pick up all of the cards the lovely ladies of Lavish sent me.

Today? SNOW DAY, MOTHERFUCKERS. The closest I got to leaving the house was helping Alyssa and Ryan stuff themselves into their snow gear and then going outside with them to find the snowball maker, and then take some pictures. After going out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since last Wednesday (the 19th), it feels very good to sit around and do nothing today. :D

We do have one more Christmas-y thing to do before the decorations come down next week: exchange gifts with Amanda! That’ll most likely be happening tomorrow.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous and your Christmas looked awesome!!! :D So glad you had a good one.
    Ronni recently blogged about: Ahead to 2013!


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