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Christmas at Amanda’s

Today, after sleeping until almost noon(!), we headed to Amanda’s house (her new house, by the way – she moved in just a few weeks ago) for Christmas gift giving (although because I suck at ordering things in time for events, I’ll be going back next weekend with her gifts :/ Although I did take her a gift bag filled to the brim with an assortment of K-Cups for her new Keurig brewer!). As usual, Amanda spoiled Alyssa and Ryan: a huge Littlest Pet Shop circus playset and some little stationery knick-knacks for Alyssa; and a glow-in-the-dark Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set and a nifty 3D puzzle for Ryan. For Dan, a Tardis cookie jar and a cute oversized mug & spoon set. And for me? Cowboy Studio Photo Light Box, Blog Inc. book, a Health/Life Log, and some protein powder and vitamins. Swoon. Girl knows how to take care of her fellow gastric bypasser!
I can’t reveal my gifts to Amanda, since she doesn’t have them yet (bonus fail: I got home and realized that the one gift I thought I was still waiting for was, in fact, stashed in our closet several weeks ago. *sigh*), but we gave Austin (her husband) a cool ring and a clothing store gift card, and we gave Sophie a Furby (HAVE FUN WITH THAT, AMANDA & AUSTIN!), a Barbie doll, and a little My Little Pony set.

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without some photos, of course:


Ryan was reading this note to me:
A note from Ryan.





How do you get three young children to look at the camera and smile?

By offering them candy (thanks, Amanda – worked like a charm)!

Shoutout to my favorite non-belonging-to-me kitty, Gooch!

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  1. Sarah


    Ryans note cracked me up :D


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