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Snowy holidays

Let It Snow seems to be Mother Nature’s mantra right now. We received about an inch of fluffy white snow on Christmas Eve, about two inches of slushy snow (I swear it was snowing, sleeting, and raining, all at the same time) the day after Christmas, and over the course of Saturday morning and afternoon four inches of the dense, snowball-making type of snow came down. And just in time for New Year’s, another inch or two could happen on Monday night.

When we got up this morning Alyssa and Ryan wanted to go out, but there wasn’t a lot on the ground yet, so I advised them to wait. Finally, around 2pm, they could wait no longer, so they suited up (with me hovering around them to make sure they had everything: warm clothes, suspender-style snow pants, winter boots, winter coat, hat, gloves) and ran out. They spent a good hour outside, making snowballs, making a half-hearted attempt at a snowman, cleaning off both of our cars (Ryan took the initiative and cleaned mine, and then Alyssa cleaned Dan’s; for their thoughtfulness I gave them each a dollar), then playing with some other young kids in our neighborhood.

I ventured out for a few photos, then headed back in for the comfort of my heated blanket. And in keeping with the snow day cliche, when Alyssa and Ryan came back in I made them chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, put their wet clothes in the washer, then mopped up all of the melted snow that was dripped onto our entryway and part of the living room.


Child Labor

Gratuitous picture of Felix, who is very happy with the indoor life and all of its comforts (guaranteed food! warmth! safety! loves from all of the humans!):


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  1. We haven’t had any snow aside from a few flurries that melted before any accumulation. I usually don’t wish for snow, but at this point I say bring it on. We usually get dumped on all winter so it’s odd having everything being so green still. Cute pictures of the kids. I can’t believe how big they are getting.
    Shauna recently blogged about: Let Kids be Kids


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