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2013 resolutions

2012 was a crazy, busy year, but I did excellent with taking my vitamins every day, and for the most part I did great with taking in at least 60g of protein each day. I reached my goal weight of 160 lbs last fall, and I’m hovering now in the high 150s – but I’d really like to get to 150. And so, my official bariatric/health goal of 2013 is:

Get down to 150 lbs

Protein goes hand-in-hand with that goal, because if post-ops don’t consume enough protein, then any calories consumed are stubbornly held onto. Also, protein is vital for muscle support/development, as well as energy.

So, my secondary official bariatric/health goal of 2013 is:

Consume at least 75g of protein per day

The protein powder I use most often (Target brand, whey isolate, chocolate-flavored) has 25g of protein per scoop. Three shakes per day accomplishes my protein goal easily enough, and hopefully maintaining a higher level of protein consumption will help me in shedding these last few pounds (8, as of today). :)


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