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{Pet showcase} Leah

Leah is my four year old female Pug. I have always liked Pugs. I like big dogs and would love to own one, but between the size of our house, the number of cats we own (six!), and having small children, small dogs are a better choice. But most small dogs are annoying and yippy. Pugs, however, are not. They’re bulky, husky little things – big dogs in spirit, trapped in a small-to-medium dog’s body.

I’ve had Leah since September 18th, 2008, and what’s funny is that even though she turned four on May 15th, she is still on the small side for a Pug (though of course she has the chunky build of a Pug), so a lot of people think she is a puppy.

She is a very social, and gets along well with the other animals, and of course with kids, and with us.

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    • Jenn


      Whoops! I missed one. Thanks for pointing that out. :)


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