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Getting Christmas out of our system

We’ve all but said our final farewells to Christmas of 2012. It was a nice Christmas, much quieter than expected on Christmas Day itself, but that’s only because, for once, we spread out the visiting with relatives and friends over a period of several days, rather than cramming everyone and everything in together on 1-2 days. Alyssa and Ryan were off from school beginning with the afternoon of December 21st, and they returned last Wednesday, January 2nd. Last-minute holiday events shopping and helping a friend move the weekend before Christmas, then Christmas parties and dinners, not to mention Christmas itself, resulted in us doing a lot of driving and errands for ten straight days. I won’t lie: I was relieved to put my foot down on the 28th of December and say that enough was enough, we needed time to relax and recuperate.

Ryan handled Christmas well, for the most part. He tired of all of the driving and errands the day before our first Christmas party, which was on December 23rd. By the 27th, our last day “out”, he was a mess. And his behavior at home did go downhill a bit: more anxieties, more upsets, and meltdowns. But, as I told my dad on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, as we were driving back from Philadelphia: with an autistic child, it’s to be expected. Take away the structure and routine of school, and throw in on top of all of that free time a lot of excitement and whirlwinds of activity, and you’re just asking for an autistic child to fall apart. As if on cue, we no sooner arrived home when Ryan fell apart again.

We’re now ending our first post-Christmas weekend, and at Ryan’s insistence and our own desire to free up space in our living room we took down all of the indoor Christmas decorations today. Tomorrow we’ll tackle the outside ones (a bunch of lights), I suppose…

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