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Goodbye to Christmas

We de-Christmased our house today. Our Christmas tree, a real Douglas Fraiser, held up well considering it was indoors for six long weeks. We got a tree about a week earlier this year, on Black Friday rather than the first weekend of December; and we left it up an additional week, until this past week, so that when my dad came to visit us on New Year’s Eve (and stay until January 2nd), he had the opportunity to experience a little Christmas with us. In any event, the tree did really well for being indoors for six weeks. Good needle retention, didn’t fall apart or turn brown, etc. Of course, once we stripped the decorations off of it, we saw how sad and droopy it was.

The tree doesn't look too bad for having been in our house for six weeks! It's departing today. #christmastree
The bare tree.

Now everything is packed away, and our house is de-Christmased. On the inside, that is. All of the outdoor decorations need to come down, which consists of several strands of lights, some lit snowmen, and a ribbon on our lamp post. It’s the lights wrapped around our deck I’m dreading the most, because it took me nearly an hour to put them all up, which means it’s going to take just as long to get them down. Ergh.

Have you taken down your decorations yet?

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