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Shine bright.

After a year of stress, drama, and angst, I’m doing my best to focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative or stress myself out over factors that are beyond my control. As I’ve gotten “older” (*shudder*) I’ve definitely become more Type-A in a lot of ways, wanting things just so, the pieces to always fit together, things to always be as they should. Obviously, life doesn’t work that way. :lol: But even though 2013 started off with my mother in the hospital (FYI: she improved enough that she was discharged yesterday, but there’s a lot of follow-up care that she needs to stick with, or else she could risk surgery or amputation down the line…), and Dan and I seem to be tag-teaming with pain issues (my intestines; his Fibromyalgia flaring up, plus the issues associated with weaning oneself off of certain types of prescription medications), I’m keeping my shit together. Mostly.

I have a lot of blogging plans and ideas to execute, once I find the time. One thing at a time, right?

I’m focusing on better money management this year. We need this. I’m doing multiple “little” things around the house to be more energy efficient. I’m clipping coupons. I’m hunting down sales. I’m cutting back. I’m participating in the 52 Week Money Challenge to build up our savings account. And, as of today, we reduced our monthly cellular (two phones + two iPads) expenses by about $35. Bonus: MUCH better coverage, even up1 here in the boonies. And, because I’m working with the wonderful people at SocialChorus, I didn’t pay a dime for my phone, and only paid $45 out of pocket towards Dan’s new phone. And thanks to the very, very lovely AT&T representative, as well as his manager, I paid exactly $0 in deposits/activation fees. Love them. I’m seriously baking them cookies as a token of my thanks. :)

So. How is 2013 going for you so far?

  1. I catch myself saying/writing “down” in reference to where we’re at, but compared to most other areas around here we’re actually physically higher up than they are

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  1. I’m glad to see your mom is doing better. The relationship that you have with your mother reminds me a lot of the one that I have with mine, so I understand what it’s like for someone to drive you absolutely batty and to add stress to your life, but at the same time, be an important person in your life that you definitely aren’t ready to lose. I hope she keeps up with her recovery. I also hope you and Dan both start feeling better. I don’t have intestinal issues, but I understand how debilitating Fibromyalgia can be.

    Congratulations on working on savings. My boyfriend and I are also going to try the 52-week plan.

    As for my 2013, it has started off on a rough note, physically (I’m actually going to the doctor on Friday and hoping to get some things sorted out). Mentally, emotionally, and career-wise, it’s off to a great start – much more positive than 2012!
    Amelia Grogan recently blogged about: Confessions of a List-a-holic

  2. Joan Penfold


    I am working on ME time this year, as I had been spending every waking hour on my blog as I got sicker and sicker with my Lupus. I realize now that I was neglecting myself and my family. Will I ever give up blogging totally, no way, but I will not stress over things like I had been.
    I promise to spend more time with my daughter. Even though she is a young adult, she wants mom time. I am thrilled and will definately make time for her.
    With less blogging comes less income so I am going to start a business to see what happens, but then again I do not want to go do home parties again. Not in to that, although I made a small fortune when I did pleasure parties.

  3. 2013 has been dreadful for both me and my boyfriend :( just seems like each day we are getting hit hard with something new that adds to so much stress on us both. but like you im trying to stay positive! i always need a goal/finish line .. i need to see a light at the end of the tunnel to stay positive, but with the everyday bs, it can be hard!

    confession: my resolution was to quit drinking pop … 12 days in and I failed =/
    cassie recently blogged about: currently: bored!


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