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Blah. Days on end of dreary, rainy (and as of tonight, snowy) weather has a way of making me feel rather down. Toss in PMS and the occasional minor spat with Dan, and… yeah. To quote Limp Bizkit, “your best bet is to stay away, motherfuckers”.

But these things always make me happy:

Unconditional Pug love.

Nabi - Star Glitter

Alyssa’s interest in science experiments, and Ryan displaying his enthusiasm and excitement via hopping and flapping.

Speaking of enthusiasm: Dash’s enthusiasm for nomming.

Chocolate craving. #chocolate #hershey #kisses

Hilarious this-is-real-parenthood conversations with Amanda.

I suppose listening to John Mayer isn’t going to help my funk much, is it? Next up: Flo Rida!

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  1. I saw Gray and even though it’s GRAY and not GREY I was all 50 shades. Plus, when I saw Amanda post about playroom last night I straight away went to 50 shades. Apparently I need help lol.

    It’s been so ick here FOREVER . David was off for almost 2 weeks and of course we had the plague but it was still yuck out. …and it really hasn’t ever cleared up any! I need it to GTFO so I can perk up and do all the things!!
    nichole recently blogged about: I think the universe has a message for me

  2. I’m the same way when the weather tends to just stay the same old wintry grey color. Whereas you have your pug love, I have a kitteh love that makes the days seem a bit better. What a great pic of your kids, too. They look so excited about whatever they are doing! =D
    Christine recently blogged about: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Valentine Giveaway!


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