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Must-have apps for the HTC Windows 8X phone #HTC8 #Troop8X

Now that I’ve had my HTC Windows 8X phone for a couple of weeks, and it’s been active on the lovely AT&T network for a little over two weeks, I figured it’s about time I sit down and put together a post highlighting my personal favorite and thus personally recommended as must-have apps for it. Windows phones are still relatively new to the consumer market, so unfortunately the Windows Store doesn’t offer all that Apple’s App Store and Android’s App Market offer… but Windows is getting there, slowly but surely. And while a few essential (to me, anyway) apps have yet to be released for Windows phones, there are still plenty of kick-ass apps you’ll want to get your hands on if you have a Windows phone:

Converter: HTC’s own Converter app is perfect for finding the equivalent measurement of just about anything, from temperatures to weights to volumes. I’ve used this app numerous times, and it’s a must-have if you bake and cook frequently and don’t always know your conversions on the fly.
HTC Windows 8X Phone

Facebook: This is pretty much a “duh” app. If you’re on Facebook, and you have a smartphone, there’s no way you can go without the Facebook app. There’s several versions, but I’ve found that Microsoft’s one works best. I love the toast (top-of-screen) and tile (icon) notifications with this one.

Flickr: The official app from Yahoo themselves, this Flickr app makes it easy to keep up with contacts’ new additions, view your own photostream, and of course upload new content.

Lomogram: Sadly, there is no Instagram app for the Windows 8 phone, and while I am going through some serious Instagram withdrawal (and on occasion have been known to swipe Dan’s Android phone to keep up), Lomogram is a pretty nice substitute. There are lots of filters and effects, and you can share your photos on multiple social networks.

Mileage Log: If you’re anal-retentive about keeping track of the cost of fuel and how many miles you’re getting on a fill-up (or even down to each gallon), you’ll want this app. It’s easy to use, and you can track multiple vehicles with it.

PayPal: The official PayPal app for Windows 8 phones. If you use PayPal, you’ll want this app.

Period Tracker: Track your period, ovulation and other symptoms, and even keep track of sexy time with this nice app. ;)

Pinspiration: While not the “official” app, Pinspiration is a pretty nice Pinterest app that gives you the full Pinterest experience. Login, browse, search, etc.
HTC Windows 8X Phone

Shopping List: A Microsoft app, Shopping List is a nice list for keeping track of your to-buy items. You can have multiple lists, input shelves to make it easier to go through your shopping list as you’re out, and add items to your “cart” for easy removal once you’ve purchased them.

Twitter: Check the tweets (quick, name that reference)!

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Disclosure: HTC and SocialChorus provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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