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Better & worse

Ryan is doing much better now than he was on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon and evening was spent resting — first in our bedroom, then in the living room — and eating applesauce and pudding. He slept with me Tuesday night, and Dan slept on the bottom bunk in Ryan’s room so that Ryan would have plenty of room to be comfortable in bed with me (our bed is a queen, and since I’ve lost half of myself + 7 lbs there’s definitely room for Dan & I + a kid, but Ryan has a tendency to sprawl and grow a couple of extra limbs, so it’s a much more comfortable night’s sleep for all involved if there’s only one other person in the bed).

Ryan stayed home from school on Wednesday, simply because I didn’t want him going back less than 24 hours after having Versed and general anesthesia, not to mention I wanted him to take it easy after all of that dental work. But we did take him out for a few quick errands on Wednesday, including a stop at Target for some food, a few cleaning items, and more pudding for Ryan. While we were there, I let him pick out an “emerald” bracelet to add to his collection of other “gems”, including a “ruby” bracelet.


While Ryan did go back to school today, and had a good day (his TSS was very patient with my texts to check up on him and request that she tell me if he seemed to be in pain; and she texted me in the morning and again in the afternoon to let me know that he was doing fine), he won’t be going tomorrow. He developed a bit of a dry cough last weekend, and it’s gotten worse through the week. What was a dry, shallow cough is now a wetter, deeper cough that is very persistent, to the point of him almost vomiting. My poor munchkin is miserable, and I’m sure the physical motions involved with coughing aren’t doing his poor healing gums any favors. So, no school tomorrow, with a 10:00am doctor’s appointment – and hopefully a diagnosis, or at least some stronger meds than what’s available over the counter – instead.

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  1. Poor little guy!! :( Big hugs to you and Dan for being awesome parents! Hopefully getting the cough taken care of will mean it won’t get so bad and it’ll go away soon.


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